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The Mighty 10bBistool Pts 4, 4b, and 5 – Now Up!!!

Part 4: Part 4b: Part 5: I figured I’d put these videos up as I had them all uploaded (had to reup ep 5 as the sound was off slightly but yeah). I wanted to redo the … Continue reading

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The Mighty 10bBistool! Part 3: Budget Buys and Real Compacts.

Yeah, no video yesterday, didn’t have internet. Anyway, here’s part three, in which we watch 10bBistool face off against Driger G Uncustomized (more on that after the break) and a Driger S Compact – something it’s supposed to beat! Will … Continue reading

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The Mighty 10bBistool Part One!

First video of this five part series is up! I’ll be trying to upload them either daily or when they’re done depending how I feel. In this episode, I introduce 10bBistool (i.e. ramble at length), and then we watch it … Continue reading

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