The Mighty 10bBistool! Part 3: Budget Buys and Real Compacts.

Yeah, no video yesterday, didn’t have internet. Anyway, here’s part three, in which we watch 10bBistool face off against Driger G Uncustomized (more on that after the break) and a Driger S Compact – something it’s supposed to beat! Will 10bBistool finally win a match, having come so close last episode? What? If I told you it’d spoil the video, why are you even asking? Exactly! Video after the break!

Okay, so I guess I’ll ramble some more about Driger G, seeing as I didn’t really explain it that well in the video. Driger G is a great out of the box purchase if you’re on a tight budget. The big issue is that it generally doesn’t come with a ripcord and launcher. MFB LL1 Ripcords are only slightly shorter than dragon winders (as in, one to three teeth, I forget the number, but it’s really inconsequential). As for launchers, that’s the hard part, but many plastic bladers will have extra.
Anyway, the AR’s low reach compensates for the EG’s height, and it’s a reasonably aggressive tip (though Gaia Dragoon G’s EG is better). 10 balance is a decent WD though 10 Wide would do better. Nonetheless, compared to most out of the box beys, and everything in its price range it’s amazing, and the AR is one of the best ever made (and the WD is handy too). It’s still an uncustomized beyblade so it isn’t exactly a beast but it’s great value for money.

Anyway you all know what 10bBistool is by now so I won’t go over that.

Again, if you want to know what beyblade a part comes from, use the search function of your browser on the BeyWiki Beyblade Parts List, which I’ve recently updated and corrected:

10bBistool Vs Driger G

Driger G:
AR: Triple Tiger
WD: 10 Balance
SG: Right EG (Metal Semi Flat)
BB: First Clutch Base (Driger G Version)
Concept: Value for money, good first beyblade, though you’ll need to get a ripcord and launcher. AR is excellent, WD is handy.

10bBistool vs Driger S Compact

Driger S Compact:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo Right SG (Heavy Metal Core)
BB: Metal Change Base
Concept: Compact, all around good performance and reliability. Launched with a sliding shot to take advantage of Metal Change tips ability to change between stamina and attack for a good balance of both. Metal Change rewards knowledge and skilful launching and is the key in this battle.
NOTE: In this battle I stated I was launching the compact as to give it the best chance of winning. To clarify, I am launching it as it should be launched in a competitive situation against 10bBistool, not giving it an unfair advantage, that would undermine the entire video and just be disgusting behaviour overall.
Anyway, Metal Change Base is harder to use than other compact base options but it rewards skill. Beywiki currently says SG Semi Flat is usually preferred – it could be preferred if you like uneccessary losses and using second tier parts instead of top tier parts like a fool but okay.
We’ll look at the other two top tier compact bases in a later video, too.

Anyway yeah, I hope people are enjoying these :)


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3 Responses to The Mighty 10bBistool! Part 3: Budget Buys and Real Compacts.

  1. massimo says:

    I would like to know what are the two best bases for compacts and why. One I think is draciel MBD right?

    • th1nk says:

      This is th!nk, my mobile isn’t letting me log in, I’ll verify it tomorrow:

      I generally limit the top tier compact bases to three, because they each do separate things:
      Metal Change Base is the more “aggressive” option, though compacts in general don’t score many ko’s, they do wear down opponents stamina through grinding and destabilization, and this is where that aggression is useful. The tip is rather manipulable in terms of movement pattern with different launches, the one shown in this video is generally the most useful launch. The change tip shape is also good at catching the tornado ridge, and between this and the low height, mcb compacts have solid defenses. The compact shown in this video which uses mcb is basically the classic compact combo, and it is perhaps the most versatile, though I generally consider it the “attacking” compact base.

      Metal Ball Base is more stamina oriented – the weight distribution is slightly less central providing more survival, and the tip shape allows it to stay upright (ie not topple) at extreme angles, providing surprising LAD, and giving it some extra ability to destabilise opponents in addition to that provided by the tip’s mobility. However, unlike the change tip shape, this tip doesn’t catch the ridge easily, and between this, the octagonal? shape of the base and its tendency to be at an angle, metal ball base is comparatively easy to ko. It’s the “survival” compact base, and this can be useful in tournament situations where defense and balance are usually much more common than attack and survival.

      Lastly, there is Customize Metal Change Base, with Defense Ring. Significantly heavier than either of the above, and only slightly larger, this base blurs the line between compacts and weight based defense. In fact, the classification of a combination using it depends on the AR. Used with a compact AR, the inertia of such a heavy yet small beyblade on the defensively capable change tip shape makes it a defensive wall, though the lack of aggression from the tip it’s only decent balance means the attack and survival are somewhat less than other compacts (though it is still a very useful combination). Personally I prefer to use Smash Turtle on it, slightly less defense but much more versatility, which makes more of a weight based defender, however cmcb is absolutely a top tier compact base, and is the defensive compact base of choice.

      So, those are the big three.

      Note on SG semi flat:
      sg semi flat is a traditional choice, but frankly metal ball base has better survival and it’s equal in every other area, and if you can launch metal change base decently, which only takes a little practice, mcb outclasses it in all areas too. Basically, it’s heavily outclassed and overrated.

      • massimo says:

        thank you! helpful answer :)
        I really like compacts and as I saw in my testings SG semi flat isn’t that good compared to MCB and MBB but I never tried CMCB for compacts! seems kinda obvious now but I never though about it,another great gift from driger V2!


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