The Mighty 10bBistool Pts 4, 4b, and 5 – Now Up!!!

Part 4:
Part 4b:
Part 5:

I figured I’d put these videos up as I had them all uploaded (had to reup ep 5 as the sound was off slightly but yeah). I wanted to redo the music as a lot of people found it annoying but I haven’t had a chance yet, and the blog posts and information aren’t done, and won’t be until I have time.

I’m sorry for not being active these days, I just can’t find the time to write about beyblades like I used to. I’ve got a bunch of stuff nearly done (eg the force smash thing I mentioned last update) but those last few steps are still too huge for me to take right now. I’m busy job-hunting at the moment, too, which doesn’t help.

Anyway, the videos are now up. Seem a bit shit to me in hindsight but whatever, maybe someone will enjoy them.


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I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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6 Responses to The Mighty 10bBistool Pts 4, 4b, and 5 – Now Up!!!

  1. massimo says:

    Great videos,I really like how you come out with unknown combos such as the gaia dragoon smash attack (aesthetically cool too) and the force smash one.
    So the force smash thing it’s really interesting to discover.
    Interesting too the reason for using Spiral change base in attack mode (more defence?) in the WBO I readed somewhere it has even more stamina than the stamina mode but my testings says “NO WAY!”, so a post analyzing the spiral change base different uses will be interesting.
    and at last I always classed 10bBistool as a balance type…but if it isn’t even a compact in what type do you class it?

  2. th!nk says:

    Spiral Change Base is best used in attack mode. Beywiki used to say Stamina was better in one part, but I fixed that a while ago. If it isn’t used with its own shaft, however, Stamina mode may well be a better choice as long as your SCB isn’t loose – as that can result in one side popping up while the other stays in place, making it lopsided. Otherwise, though, the lower height is probably slightly advantageous against many things (probably not circle survivor defense (wolborg 4 combos), though).

    10bBistool and other Semi Flat Base combinations are best considered Stamina Types, as they have very little attack or defense, as shown in these videos, and primarily win by outspin. They require 10 balance, however, as semi flat base has pretty mediocre LAD and the tip isn’t too stable, the lesser stability of a wide weight disk can be extremely detrimental to them.

  3. ShinobuXD says:

    What do you think of Cross Griffon for force smash? I like it, but don’t have a Smash Turtle to compare with. What AR was on your force smasher, anyways? Smash Turtle?

    • th!nk says:

      Er, Cross Griffon is flat…

      Yes, it was smash turtle. The only other viable AR excluding the few I haven’t tried (of which very few if any have any real chance of being useful for force smash) is Wing Survivor, from Dranzer G, but Smash Turtle is a much better option.

      • ShinobuXD says:

        Must be wear on my Cross Griffon then, because it has two small spikes going down from it.

        I never thought Wing Survivor would even be halfway decent on anything! Granted, it’s much worse than Smash Turtle as you said, and there are some cheap Kid/Master Draciels on the WBO right now, so I’ll probably just go with Smash Turtle, especially since its awesome for weight based defense as well.

        • th!nk says:

          Yeah, that sounds like wear from repeated impacts, haha.

          Neither did I, I tried it as a last resort, there’s a blog post about it somewhere on here, actually.

          The main reason smash turtle is good on them is because of the force smash – they suit it and it suits them. Such a lovely attack ring. Definitely something you should get if you’re interested in plastics, haha.


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