They said I was too old for spinning tops.
They were right, but shut up okay.

This is my blog, for beyblade-related stuff. I’m pretty well known, for better or for worse, as th!nk, on the WBO.
This blog allows me more freedom in what I write and how I write it, though only time will tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Ideally, I’d like to promote discussion of the older systems and share my knowledge. I guess the latter was the main reason for the creation of this blog, but yeah.
Anyway, I think the main thing is seeing how this goes, ideally I’d like to have at least a modest number of readers, but I’m not going to be too disappointed if this whole thing fails miserably. I’ll do my best, though.

If you want to use information/stuff I’ve written, let me know via comment or whatever communication method you can (I don’t know morse code or smoke signals very well, so I’d advise against those). For smaller things, a linkback/mention would be nice, but it’s not a big deal. For direct copies/large copies with alterations, please contact me first. I am primarily interested in sharing knowledge/teaching, but I do spend some time/effort on this stuff, so I’d like to keep an eye on it/get some small credit for my work, haha. I’ll try to reply to stuff like that as quickly as possible, anyway.

As for pictures, ask me for permission before using them, and don’t hotlink them (i.e. don’t just copy the picture’s link and use it, reupload it with your own host (and do give a linkback or whatever for credit)). Hotlinking without permission is always a bad idea, as it gives the owner control over something displayed under your name, which they can alter/abuse at will – and I’m kinda a dick sometimes.

WordPress has advertising as a means of affording the hosting of free blogs, I make no money from this blog, nor do I want to. If you don’t like the ads there are plenty of adblockers out there – I use one myself, making exceptions for sites I like that aren’t obnoxious about it seeing as most of them need that ad revenue to cover hosting.

But yeah, any thoughts/questions/criticisms/comments etc, just leave a comment or get in touch, I appreciate it.


One Response to About

  1. Burst says:

    Hello Think,
    How are you ? Hope your doing great there ?
    I wanted to know what happened with you and WBO that you left ?
    I understand I read some of the postsbut was confused between somethings.
    So I thought to talk to you. As you haven’t been online lately from two years so thought to send you a email.
    I am just a normal guy who wants to talk to you as a friend.

    Looking forward to your reply.



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