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Some experimentation notes and stuff

Now that the CC list is up, aside from the database I’m also going back over stuff I’d dismissed in the past that I might have been to hasty in doing so, or have done something wrong, particularly things where … Continue reading

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So I finally finished that competitive plastics combos list

And here’s a link, if this is somehow the first you’ve heard of it: Pretty happy to finally have that done, will be even happier when this database is done, though – that’ll be much more practical. Still, consider … Continue reading

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So it IS Uriel after all (I Dun Goofed)

So uh it turns out I was wrong about the whole Ariel/Uriel thing. Wasn’t aware that Uriel 2 had its own instruction sheet instead of the generic RB8 one until a little while ago – and those have the anglicised … Continue reading

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Tops Terminology 1: “Tourney Filler”

Yes a vocabulary article. There’s no real term for this and I use this a lot and was working on a glossary thing as part of the database thing. Tourney Filler refers to combinations primarily seen at tournaments and rarely … Continue reading

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