The Mighty 10bBistool Part One!

First video of this five part series is up! I’ll be trying to upload them either daily or when they’re done depending how I feel.
In this episode, I introduce 10bBistool (i.e. ramble at length), and then we watch it battle a hybrid attacker, weight based defender (my customize metal change setup) and a defensive zombie!
Video and information after the break!

The first part of a 5 part series of videos in which we look at one of the most famous combinations of the plastics generation, 10bBistool. Famed as a compact (which it isn’t) and a balance type (which it also isn’t) and highly competitive (I guess we’ll see), 10bBistool will face off against a wide range of top tier customizations, and a few others too!
In this segment, we have an introduction to 10bBistool and the series as a whole, with some of my thoughts on the combination, 10bBistool versus an Attack Type Customization (Smash Attack with a little Upper Attack), Weight Based Defense (using my Customize Metal Change setup) and a Grip Based Defender, more specifically a Defensive Zombie. Sit back and enjoy my Australian accent, appalling attempts at humour, dull rambling, odd noises I make when concentrating and even a snort of laughter or two, as we watch this MIGHTY combination put through its paces!

The music clip is an old recording of mine (I was messing around with a looper pedal) which I dug up, edited, and slapped on there. Yes it’s terrible. No, you may not use it for anything though I can’t understand why you’d want to.

Here’s some info on the combos used and stuff. If you want to know what a part comes from, check beywiki’s Beyblade Parts List, which I’ve recently fixed up so the names of the plastics parts are all correct!

10bBistool is a type of Semi Flat Base combination, and is as follows:
AR: Wing Cross (Mold 2)
WD: Ten Balance
BB: Semi Flat Base
Semi Flat Base combinations are stamina type combinations. I’ll discuss it in the videos as well as writing a mini-article on here about Semi Flat Base combinations, their classification/uses and some thoughts as to why 10bBistool became so popular despite being really average, which I’ll post after the last video to answer any lingering questions.

10bBistool Versus Hybrid Attack:

Attack Combo
AR: Triple Tiger
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Right SG (Bearing Version 2)
SG Tip: SG Grip Change Base
BB: SG Bearing Base
Concept: Right Spin Smash Attack with some Upper Attack, focussed on Speed (hence light weight parts). Tip is very worn, and thus slower and harder to use. Still works well though. One of the few attack setups where wide survivor does better than wide defense. Was my main combo when I recorded this but after recording I switched back to the galzzly/gaia dragoon v one, and now I’m using that combo I just posted about.

10bBistool versus Weight Based Defense:

Weight Defense Combo:
AR: Smash Turtle
WD: Ten Heavy
SG: Neo Right SG (Heavy Metal Core)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Metal Change Base
Concept: Improved Weight Based Defender with elements of compacts and Force Smash. Customize Metal Change Base outperforms SG Metal Ball in all aspects despite being 1.5g lighter, thanks to its much better tip and smoother shape. Somewhat of a mix between compacts and weight defense (especially if you use tiger defenser instead of smash turtle, which boosts defense at the cost of survival). Great all around combo.

10bBistool Versus Grip Based Defense (Defensive Zombie)

Defensive Zombie:
AR: Twin Horn (Hasbro)
SAR: Dragon Saucer SAR
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Left SG (Double Bearing Version)
SG Shaft: SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Grip Base
Concept: Incredible defense against smash attack due to grip; bearings, ability to steal spin and life after death compensate for grip against opposite spin opponents allowing it to outspin anything in opposite spin barring wolborg 4 combos and right spin zombies. Double Bearing Core increases survival and defense, Dragon Saucer SAR provides additional defense against tall opponents while still being small enough to avoid vulnerability, round, notched shape provides decent spin steal ability too. Tip can be used aggressively but this is usually not productive given the defensive nature of the combination. Tall height produces some weakness to upper but the protection from CGB and defense ring mean it still does extremely well.


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