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I’m sure anyone reading this is curious to know about what’s going on with me and the WBO at the moment, but right now I’m resolving some loose ends and making sure I don’t have any regrets before I leave, and these things take time – were I perhaps more vindictive I might have looked to capitalize on the situation by gaining early momentum but I’m very tired. Either way, the basics are – check the winning combos thread’s last few pages, and to clarify, the warning I was given was a whopping 40% (which carries a 30-day suspension as well). As it currently stands, while I’m still considering matters I strongly expect that the post I was warned for will be my last on the site – I’ll have someone post my goodbye when everything is sorted and it is written, but as I see it the odds of the things it would take for me to return occurring are practically nil – and I don’t mind having extra time to focus on music and so on. I’m undecided with regards to the future of th!nkblargh and PlasticsDB, I’ve not lost interest in beyblade, but at the same time, I won’t be keeping up to date with developments on the WBO etc, so I will probably not have that much to offer.

But, I will address that more fully later. For now, something a bit more pleasant:

However, I wanted to give a shoutout to something else that just happened to coincide with these unfortunate events: Beylon has updated his BLOG FORMULA BEI thread with an article on Limited and the Power Creep that inspired it – obviously, the fact he consulted me for the lead-in quote was quite flattering, but the content of the rest of the article (and the thread as a whole) is fantastic and it’s something I was really looking forward to having seen the quality of his past work – he’s articulated points about the Power Creep in MFB that I could never put into words, and what’s more, he’s provided detailed explanations of why it happened – something we never had at the time. I really like his ideas about custom tops/parts too – not sure it’ll gain a huge amount of traction, the WBO is after all strongly traditionalist, but personally, I think there is a lot of ground for mutual benefit there even in relatively small ways.

Anyway, the article explains how the maximum series came about, covering a huge factor none of us notice, and I can’t help but wonder whether knowing it at the time would have undermined the legitimacy of the change in gameplay that the Maximum Series represented – perhaps giving more legitimacy to earlier attempts at a format along the lines of Limited. If you’re someone who was put off MFB by that, then this is an absolute must read.

His thread as a whole is one of the most unique, professional, and informative I have seen in my entire time on the WBO, and I’m definitely going to miss reading it – and strongly recommend anyone interested in my blog check it out – he writes fairly lengthy pieces, which I have a tendency to do as well, but he’s a much better writer than I am and researches his subjects in incredible depth.

So yeah, I just wanted to give a shoutout to him, wish it could’ve been under better circumstances, but oh well.

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LimitedBlargh 1: Here are Some Combos Which I Think Are Neat

So, I’ve been pretty heavily focussed on the Limited Format Tournament I was planning for this weekend but had to postpone – doing a lot of experimentation and trying out a lot of ideas, which means a) I’ve found a number of things and b) I’ve not had anywhere near enough time to do testing threads for them. Hopefully I will in future, but for now I figured I’d put together a blog post – I know it’s not plastics but I did mention I’d probably do some limited format stuff for a little in the previous post, and that’s the case today! Continue reading

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So if you guys didn’t hear, the WBO has a new format, Limited Format. Personally, the working title (MFB: Resurrection) was way cooler but hey professionalism you know?

Anyway, I had a bit of a hand in the format’s design I guess you could call it and I really love how it’s turned out, a tonne of fun to play, a lot like HMS but a) affordable and b) defense is actually a thing.

I’m thinking I might blog some stuff from my fiddling with things for limited right now as I’m pretty burnt out on plastics at the moment (I’ll finish plasticsdb when I am up to it, but right now I really can’t bring myself to face it even with the relatively small amount of work to be done).

So yeah register objections and/or stay tuned for that, I guess.

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It happened, guys, Defense Grip Base’s attack mode is now legal! Happy Remembrance, everybody!

Heh... Super Defense.

Heh… Super Defense.

Competitive Attack On A Budget:
AR: Triple Tiger
WD: Ten Wide
SG: Right SG
BB: Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode)

You can also use a non-overhanging Attack AR to handle circle survivor defense, at the cost of less reliability against lower opponents. Given circle survivor combo’s are currently very dominant, having a suitable AR for that around is a good idea (see below for more).

The best setup I’ve found for it so far is this, and it is awesome:

AR: Dragon Breaker
Sub AR: Screw Zeus
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Right SG (Regular SG Core Part)
BB: Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode)

Turns out using a super-light SG actually works better than using a midweight or heavy one (MagneCore, for example), even in terms of recoil control – momentum and the flywheel effect are both a big deal, and heavy weight in the centre of the beyblade is really bad for both. Given my Uriel 2 tip is ridiculously worn and I no longer need MAXIMUM RECOIL CONTROL, just a solid attack combo, this is probably going to be my main attacker from now on. Still can’t reliably KO defensive zombies, but the fact it can KO them at all is pretty noteworthy.

EDIT: One more combo, consider it a ‘protip’ for tourney attendees.

Circle Survivor Defense? More Like Circle Survivor OVER THE FENCE A-HURR-HURR!

AR: Mountain Hammer
WD: Ten Wide
SG: Neo Right SG (Regular SG Core Part) > Neo Right SG (Normal Core) > Right SG
BB: Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode)

Trades off Triple Tiger’s reliability against low combos like compacts to reliably KO Circle Survivor Defense Combinations. Wouldn’t use it as a main attack combo (Triple Tiger and obviously the above setup are better choices, the latter also deals with Circle Survivor Defense handily), but if you’re expecting someone to pull a wolborg 4 on you (and most people attending a tournament today or tomorrow should), keeping Mountain Hammer handy is a real good idea.

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Galeon or Driger S?

Accidentally wrote a blog post while working on PlasticsDB, enjoy I guess:

There has long been debate over whether Galeon or Driger S is the better Beyblade, and I feel it should be formally addressed. The best way to go about this in my opinion is part-by-part, because they only differ in their major parts (AR and BB) and they both compete for use in the type they resemble most uncustomized anyway. Continue reading

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The Death of a Tiger Defenser (Hyper Aggro Tests Day 6)

Bunch more tests today and some decisions on what is/isn’t competitive. Haven’t got the Gyro Defense tests done yet, was working on the database instead and have other things to do (picture explanation of seaborg base thing etc). Continue reading

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TEST ALL THE ATTACK RINGS! (Hyper Aggro Testing Day 5)

Here we are, day 5 of this, but the end is in sight – which is definitely for the best seeing as my ancient Uriel 2 tip is getting very short from all this use. Today I tried a lot of stuff, which included a lot of outlandish stuff – I went for anything I thought could possibly deliver hard hits if its recoil was controlled – basically anything with a large, well exposed, and mostly flat face as a contact point, and some other stuff too. And to my surprise, a few things actually worked. Continue reading

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