Some experimentation notes and stuff

Now that the CC list is up, aside from the database I’m also going back over stuff I’d dismissed in the past that I might have been to hasty in doing so, or have done something wrong, particularly things where I really think they *should* work based on the part’s shape/gimmick etc. Of course, I woke up late today so I only really got to try one thing, but I am in a rambling mood, sooooo…

I already started retesting some older stuff before I put the CC list up, some notes from my testing can be found here, which would be worth a read if you don’t check Plastics Part Discussion often:

Last night I was looking at cybernetic dragon – a part I never got to work back then, to the point it bent itself over the SG it was on due to rotational recoil, and that was not the first attempt at getting it to work. However, my testing of that was before I started using Hyper Aggressive AR’s on a regular basis, and looking at it last night, and looking back at other things I’d managed to coax ridiculous violence out of, I didn’t see much of a reason why it shouldn’t still be able to have power – sure there is a lot of rotational recoil in its design, but the same goes for Whale Attacker (seaborg) and that can hit real hard, it just has a lot of (regular) recoil – it flies backwards a whole lot, whereas my experience with Cybernetic Dragon included it lacking power, which was odd.
So, today I sat down, stuck it on my hyper-aggro tuned Uriel 2 tip combo (BK base, Cross Survivor SP, heavy 10 Wide) and it sent the opposing beyblade flying. Amped up the defense of the opponent, and it kept sending things flying.
Now, this is only about an hours experimentation and comparison – the other hyper aggro AR’s were working fine too, not really better than normal, and Cybernetic Dragon performed comparably enough to be competitive.

I even got out my double attacker, which is a little dented at this point (I’m uncomfortable with that, but at the same time I don’t intend to sell my beyblades ever so it’s not such a big deal – still, I’d like to get my hands on an Orthrus G ASAP), and sure, cybernetic dragoon isn’t quite so explosive but double attacker also has more recoil (it’s probably the most violent AR in the game, a tonne of power but a lot of recoil, though not so much to ruin it’s competitiveness).

So, it’s looking like I was wrong about cybernetic dragon after all – which I’m okay with, I do love that AR a lot, and it really looks like it *should* work. But, today is just one day (and it’s getting late, my sleeping patterns are way off again), so I’ll revisit it over the next couple of days before I really make my mind up about it. Still, goes to show we should always keep questioning our own assertions, particularly after giving things some time.


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3 Responses to Some experimentation notes and stuff

  1. ShinobuXD says:

    I love all these new blog posts!

    Cybernetic Dragon….. glad it works, since I really like Cyber Dragoon. Really wish they had released Dranzer/Driger/Draciel. All those ARs looked so hyper aggressive!

    Have you tried it on Grip Base by chance? Can that control the recoil?

    • th!nk says:

      So am I, but do keep in mind there’s a chance I might be wrong today and just doing really well with it for some reason LOL. Probably not though.

      They were cool beys, most of them looked fragile as heck tho :c

      I did, it has way too much recoil for grip base to handle

    • th!nk says:

      Oh also another thing worth mentioning – I’ve never seen an AR chip away at itself so much so fast. Might post pics some time if I can be bothered.


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