Tops Terminology 1: “Tourney Filler”

Yes a vocabulary article. There’s no real term for this and I use this a lot and was working on a glossary thing as part of the database thing.

Tourney Filler refers to combinations primarily seen at tournaments and rarely discussed otherwise, which consist of a mix of non-competitive, barely competitive, and sometimes even competitive parts and are generally not overly focussed in their aims or performance. Particularly common in plastics due to low part availability, as this forces people to make the best of what they have.

However, it is extremely foolish to dismiss such combinations as no threat to conventional competitive customizations – their lack of focus and difficult-to-predict performance can, and historically does quite often, catch even the best-equipped bladers by surprise.
This is clearly seen through their influence on popular combinations in plastics – numerous popular combination types do not fare all that well against other competitive beyblades, particularly those which are highly specialised, yet these combinations continue to do well and be popular in tournaments. This is because such combinations are generally reliable against tourney filler, usually by merit of being versatile enough to have a way to handle anything that is not focussed enough to defeat them.
Compacts, weight based defense combinations, and even semi flat base stamina combos are examples of types which, while unable to handle specialised opponents, are versatile enough that a skilled blader has a fair chance to defeat nearly anything else, greatly easing prediction against bladers using tourney filler. That these combinations are so popular is testament to the influence of Tourney Filler on competitive Beyblade.

It is also worth noting that such combinations are a part of every generation of beyblade for similar reasons, however they are much more notable in plastics than other generations – HMS has a very limited number of parts that are readily available and these parts aren’t much of a threat to competitive combinations, and MFB has better part availability, as well as the fact later parts are generally flat-out superior to earlier parts meaning a fair portion of tourney filler consists of previously competitive and thus thoroughly discussed combinations)

Note: “Combination Types” is used in the sense of ‘types of combinations’, examples being defensive zombies, smash attackers and so on, rather than the Hasbro term for Balance Types.


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4 Responses to Tops Terminology 1: “Tourney Filler”

  1. th!nk says:

    Articles about words are cool right guys?


  2. ShinobuXD says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Plastics>>>>>>> MFB


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