So it IS Uriel after all (I Dun Goofed)

So uh it turns out I was wrong about the whole Ariel/Uriel thing. Wasn’t aware that Uriel 2 had its own instruction sheet instead of the generic RB8 one until a little while ago – and those have the anglicised name on them. There’s an archived version of it from damashii, and it is “Uriel 2”.

I know it actually says “uriel-2” but they used dashes to link up the latter parts of the names of all of the V2’s that I can see, so whatever.

I guess the key error on my part was overlooking the possibility that the ‘u’ could be pronounced as ‘uh’ (as in ‘undo’), which would become ‘ア’ in katakana. Of course, in the dub, King pronounces that vowel as ‘eh’, so it’s definitely Ariel there – that much has to be chalked up to dub silliness. Not sure about the original though – I only have access to the dub.

But yeah, Wolborg 03 (Uriel) and Uriel 2 are the correct names. My bad – I acted on the evidence I was aware of, but I should have known to check for the chance of an instruction sheet, and thought of the ‘u’ -> ‘uh’ -> ‘ア’ thing.
I’ll fix various references to it over the next couple of days.

On the upside, I should have at least a solid draft of a Plastics Competitive Combos list done and posted (here and on the WBO) before Remembrance this year. I have all the lists for each type done, but I still need to check some stuff and the formatting right now is a complete mess – the complexity of plastics combos means making something neat and consistent while also comprehensive and practical is almost impossible (at least for me).
Of course, a CC list isn’t nearly as useful to plastics as MFB due to the whole Part availability aspect, and when I do post it, it mightn’t even be intelligible for everyone and I would rather not spend ages explaining the info that’s already there to people because working on the database which will encompass that already is more efficient. Basically – don’t get excited.


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3 Responses to So it IS Uriel after all (I Dun Goofed)

  1. th!nk says:

    I basically copied this into a post on-site because it needed to be said there too and I’m lazy but if you for whatever reason want to respond and feel like doing so on the WBO, here:

  2. ShinobuXD says:

    I shall respond here. :)

    It’s really too bad that it is Uriel 2 IMO. I liked Ariel better.

    I am eagerly awaiting the draft! Like you said though, plastics are much more complex, so a tier list isn’t as useful.

    • th!nk says:

      Well, just remember Ariel was the little mermaid and I never really liked those films so. Then again, Uriel sounds like urine which I think is why I’ve never liked the name.

      Yeah, got a tonne of stuff I need to check for compacts in particular, but did a bunch of stuff today already (Roller Defense Ring works nicely for anything right spin where a small AR is good – weight distro could be better but it’s still good enough to manage for everything, bound defense ring has use in compacts although it seems to have a bit much rotational recoil – still probably a competitive choice anyway, and it’s less recoily than I expected, I assume because the softer plastic frame absorbs hits decently, the fixed wolborg 2 shaft setup is just too unreliable/uncontrollable to be considered competitive, the circle survivor/zeus base (one of the heaviest base+SG setups possible) thing I messed around with a while ago is actually okay defensively and overall the qualities are unsurprisingly a hybrid of weight based- and circle survivor defense combos and finally holy dispell is baaaaad (recoily as heck).)

      Also discovered the one heavy attack WD I have weighs 16.09g, which is on par with a lot of my 10 Heavies (most of them weigh around the 16g mark, though I have a few that are 16.2-16.4g), but the recoil means it’s basically useless for compacts. It’s probably viable for Weight Defense with the larger AR’s (Smash Turtle, Upper Dragoon, Mirage Goddess, Dragon Saucer SAR stuff) but 10 heavy would have better stamina – and this is all assuming I don’t just have an unusually heavy Heavy Attack.


      Oh, yeah, and I figure if I don’t get it done in a week I’ll probably just post it basically as it is. But we’ll see.


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