Deputy Sheriff Wolborg’s Finest Hour (Hyper Aggro Tests Day 4)

(SPOILER: It’s not as exciting as it sounds.)
Well, we really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now for this hyper aggro smash AR candidate testing, but last night was actually slightly better than the day before. Continue reading

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An Unsuccessful Evening’s (Re)Testing (Hyper Aggro AR Candidate Tests #3)

Spoiler: There are no interesting new competitive parts in this post, just a few things that didn’t work when I tested them for Attack. Continue reading

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Super Defense

I swear the base stickers have no bearing on me wanting this legalised

I swear the base stickers had no bearing on my request that this be legalised.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s my post suggesting this be made legal:
Though you know technically, the rules don’t say anything about it right now…

Anyways, I guess we all just cross our fingers and hope the right decision gets made. :P

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Testing Notes – Hyper Aggro ARs Day 2

Tried more things out today, mostly attack stuff, here are my notes. Continue reading

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SonoKong Pre-G Series Cross-Brand Compatibility

Okay, so you probably know by now that sonokong’s pre-Engine Gear beys are a little smaller than other beys, and thus not really compatible. Here’s what I know based on what SOK parts I have. Continue reading

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Some experimentation notes and stuff

Now that the CC list is up, aside from the database I’m also going back over stuff I’d dismissed in the past that I might have been to hasty in doing so, or have done something wrong, particularly things where I really think they *should* work based on the part’s shape/gimmick etc. Of course, I woke up late today so I only really got to try one thing, but I am in a rambling mood, sooooo… Continue reading

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So I finally finished that competitive plastics combos list

And here’s a link, if this is somehow the first you’ve heard of it:

Pretty happy to finally have that done, will be even happier when this database is done, though – that’ll be much more practical. Still, consider it an early Plastics/HMS Remembrance present from me, ‘kay?

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