A Quick Shoutout

I’m sure anyone reading this is curious to know about what’s going on with me and the WBO at the moment, but right now I’m resolving some loose ends and making sure I don’t have any regrets before I leave, and these things take time – were I perhaps more vindictive I might have looked to capitalize on the situation by gaining early momentum but I’m very tired. Either way, the basics are – check the winning combos thread’s last few pages, and to clarify, the warning I was given was a whopping 40% (which carries a 30-day suspension as well). As it currently stands, while I’m still considering matters I strongly expect that the post I was warned for will be my last on the site – I’ll have someone post my goodbye when everything is sorted and it is written, but as I see it the odds of the things it would take for me to return occurring are practically nil – and I don’t mind having extra time to focus on music and so on. I’m undecided with regards to the future of th!nkblargh and PlasticsDB, I’ve not lost interest in beyblade, but at the same time, I won’t be keeping up to date with developments on the WBO etc, so I will probably not have that much to offer.

But, I will address that more fully later. For now, something a bit more pleasant:

However, I wanted to give a shoutout to something else that just happened to coincide with these unfortunate events: Beylon has updated his BLOG FORMULA BEI thread with an article on Limited and the Power Creep that inspired it – obviously, the fact he consulted me for the lead-in quote was quite flattering, but the content of the rest of the article (and the thread as a whole) is fantastic and it’s something I was really looking forward to having seen the quality of his past work – he’s articulated points about the Power Creep in MFB that I could never put into words, and what’s more, he’s provided detailed explanations of why it happened – something we never had at the time. I really like his ideas about custom tops/parts too – not sure it’ll gain a huge amount of traction, the WBO is after all strongly traditionalist, but personally, I think there is a lot of ground for mutual benefit there even in relatively small ways.

Anyway, the article explains how the maximum series came about, covering a huge factor none of us notice, and I can’t help but wonder whether knowing it at the time would have undermined the legitimacy of the change in gameplay that the Maximum Series represented – perhaps giving more legitimacy to earlier attempts at a format along the lines of Limited. If you’re someone who was put off MFB by that, then this is an absolute must read.

His thread as a whole is one of the most unique, professional, and informative I have seen in my entire time on the WBO, and I’m definitely going to miss reading it – and strongly recommend anyone interested in my blog check it out – he writes fairly lengthy pieces, which I have a tendency to do as well, but he’s a much better writer than I am and researches his subjects in incredible depth.

So yeah, I just wanted to give a shoutout to him, wish it could’ve been under better circumstances, but oh well.


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I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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2 Responses to A Quick Shoutout

  1. Nocto says:

    I just read the your posts. That warning was just ridiculous and excessive, not to mention it did not say anything about being off-topic, which was the only thing he might have accused you of with some legitimacy.

    Frankly, I’ve had increasingly wavering confidence in the Committee’s competence (as you know), and this might just be the end of the line for me as well, inactive as I might have been. Whether they’re inept, out of their depths or simply don’t care, I’m not certain we can expect much more than playing around with management as it is.

    And, I think it must be said, I do admire the passion you put in what you did at the WBO. I have my own devils in the details, but you are relentless throughout, and that is worthy of commendation.


    • th!nk says:

      Oh, wow, I completely missed this til now. Apologies, I must have disabled notifications back when someone was being a pain on here a while ago and forgot to re-enable them. Anyway, I really appreciate you getting in touch.

      Yeah, he could’ve dropped a warning on me for something earlier in the discussion too where I was rude (albeit not to any actual person), but IDK from his post I guess he was pretty angry so he decided to do it that way. I’ll cover another aspect of it in my goodbye post probably, but yeah I am not sure. It’s pretty out of character for the Uwik I knew, overall. I must say I’m glad it looks as ridiculous to you as it does to me, that’s heartening.

      Recent events/announcements make it seem like they’re at least trying, I see some logic in it, but at the same time there are missteps too (AN/BeyDays were big chances for outreach to potential new/returning members at a vital time and I don’t think the opportunity was taken). It all depends on whether they’re willing to address the underlying issues, really. That and whether they still have the means left to fix said issues by the time they do so. You leaving would be a pretty big hit in that regard, too.

      Thanks, that means a lot to me coming from someone I respect as much as you (I don’t say that out of mere obligation, either – while I didn’t get to know you as well as I’d have liked, you came across as one of the most intelligent and articulate people I’d met through the site), personally, I’m still frustrated that I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted (and I know I let you down a few times in particular, which I want to apologise for).
      I’m averse to posting my email address here, but if you want to get in touch for any reason, the WBO’s email form goes to my main email address so that should work fine (and I’ve re-enabled notifications for wordpress so if it doesn’t/isn’t suitable or whatever, let me know and I’ll sort something out here).

      Thanks, and best wishes in case our paths don’t cross again.


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