It happened, guys, Defense Grip Base’s attack mode is now legal! Happy Remembrance, everybody!

Heh... Super Defense.

Heh… Super Defense.

Competitive Attack On A Budget:
AR: Triple Tiger
WD: Ten Wide
SG: Right SG
BB: Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode)

You can also use a non-overhanging Attack AR to handle circle survivor defense, at the cost of less reliability against lower opponents. Given circle survivor combo’s are currently very dominant, having a suitable AR for that around is a good idea (see below for more).

The best setup I’ve found for it so far is this, and it is awesome:

AR: Dragon Breaker
Sub AR: Screw Zeus
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Right SG (Regular SG Core Part)
BB: Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode)

Turns out using a super-light SG actually works better than using a midweight or heavy one (MagneCore, for example), even in terms of recoil control – momentum and the flywheel effect are both a big deal, and heavy weight in the centre of the beyblade is really bad for both. Given my Uriel 2 tip is ridiculously worn and I no longer need MAXIMUM RECOIL CONTROL, just a solid attack combo, this is probably going to be my main attacker from now on. Still can’t reliably KO defensive zombies, but the fact it can KO them at all is pretty noteworthy.

EDIT: One more combo, consider it a ‘protip’ for tourney attendees.

Circle Survivor Defense? More Like Circle Survivor OVER THE FENCE A-HURR-HURR!

AR: Mountain Hammer
WD: Ten Wide
SG: Neo Right SG (Regular SG Core Part) > Neo Right SG (Normal Core) > Right SG
BB: Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode)

Trades off Triple Tiger’s reliability against low combos like compacts to reliably KO Circle Survivor Defense Combinations. Wouldn’t use it as a main attack combo (Triple Tiger and obviously the above setup are better choices, the latter also deals with Circle Survivor Defense handily), but if you’re expecting someone to pull a wolborg 4 on you (and most people attending a tournament today or tomorrow should), keeping Mountain Hammer handy is a real good idea.


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I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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4 Responses to ATTACK LIVES

  1. Massimo says:

    that’s great!

  2. Massimo says:

    I passed the last 3 days trying defense grip base’s attack mode in right spin. I don’t have the dragon breaker AR but I found Whale cruscher the most effective AR for smash attack on this BB.
    Better than triple eagle,triple tiger and cross griffon. After some thoughts on my results I believe that the high weight of whale crusher affords me to do very powerful launches gaining speed (normally lost due to the weight) and smash power, without losing control. Triple eagle and cross griffon are too light (fast) and if I launch with the same strenght that I do with whale crusher they become too much crazy and some times they KO themselves or the recoil becomes too high.
    What dou you think about it THINK!? what are your results with whale crusher in general?

    • Massimo says:

      Oh yes I forgot…whale crusher is 8 grams heavy. 1 gram more than upper dragon. I discovered it yesterday :D. This is the most heavy attack ring?

      • th!nk says:

        Dragon Breaker+Screw Zeus comes in at about 10.6g, pretty sure it’s the heaviest.

        Whale Crusher, I’ve never found it had enough power in either spin direction to be a good choice for smash, and it is directly outclassed by Corona Saber, but I will give it another shot when I have time.


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