The Death of a Tiger Defenser (Hyper Aggro Tests Day 6)

Bunch more tests today and some decisions on what is/isn’t competitive. Haven’t got the Gyro Defense tests done yet, was working on the database instead and have other things to do (picture explanation of seaborg base thing etc).

Anyway, on with it. As always, my attack combo is:

AR: Variable
WD: Ten Wide (my heavy one)
SG: Right/Left SG (Bearing Version 2)
SG Tip: SG Grip Change Base Tip (Heavily Worn)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Bearing Base.

Defender is the usual Customize Metal Change Base Compact, and some other stuff to check various things

Triple Tiger (Driger G)(Left): Yep, this is clearly competitive on this setup. The fronts of the slopes are also major contact points – one got pretty beat up from a couple of hard hits, and they all have varying amounts of wear.

Dragon Breaker + War Lion SAR (Gaia Dragoon V, Galeon)(Left): Yep, this also makes the list, great exposure, a bunch of contact points, and a very aggressive weight distribution make Dragon Breaker a brutal attack ring in its own right, just watch out for the recoil!

Dragon Breaker + War Lion SAR (Gaia Dragoon V, Galeon)(Right): I tried this on a whim and it did surprisingly well, not enough to make the list, but solidly second-tier. The big thing is that this explains why Dragon Breaker + Screw Zeus works so much better than other Screw Zeus setups in Right Spin.

Lizard Blocker (Spike Lizard)(Left): Another surprise, Lizard Blocker works pretty decently in Left – those Triceratops Heads aren’t just for show (the horns kinda are, but that frill will mess you up). However, the rollers have a clear negative effect, with a number of what would be solid hits bouncing away with little effect on the opponent. Add in some small recoil problems (though its stamina is solid for an AR as aggressive as it is), and it falls just outside the competitive level, but sits safely in tier 2.

Flying Defense (Takara)(Trypio)(Left): This ludicrous setup didn’t entirely suck, it even scored a KO or two with a combination of heavy destabilization and smash. However, because Flying Defense produces lift in this direction, it can be rather difficult to launch (once or twice I managed to launch it clean over the stadium somehow) and it isn’t anywhere near good enough to be anything more than an amusing, gimmicky choice.

Hayate Attack Ring (Hasbro)(Hayate II)(Left): The true OHKO AR, faced with losing its spot on the list, came out all guns blazing today – and though that blaze lasts for two hits at most, it managed to score enough KO’s to cling on to the list, even with the new competition. It’s very powerful, but you best have a good launch, because you won’t get more than a couple shots to make the kill.

Hayate Attack Ring (Hasbro)(Hayate II)(Right): With even more recoil than it has in left spin, and slightly less power, this is not a good choice unless you’re feeling real lucky. High-ate Rollers spin left, kids. (sorry i couldn’t help myself)

Knight Claws Ring (Master Driger)(Right): “You don’t have to be good to be released in 15 different colors” – somewhat recoil prone, but more importantly just not that strong thanks to the contact point angles (and that’s not even touching on the breakage), Knight Claws Ring is a testament to Takara’s love for stupid, stupid parts. 15 bloody colors, and not one of them worth using.

Knight Claws Ring (Master Driger)(Left): Seeing as it didn’t break during my right spin tests, I tried it in left. It wasn’t completely terrible, but it was still far more recoil-prone than it has any right to be. On the upside, mine didn’t break, though I do see a very dangerous stress mark.

Lizard Blocker (Spike Lizard)(Right): Lizard Blocker doesn’t have any well exposed contact points in Right Spin, and it doesn’t work very well as a result, especially with the rollers meaning most hits bounce off harmlessly.

Flying Defense (Takara)(Trypio)(Left): The gimmick means the attack ring pushes itself downwards via airflow, which is just excellent on a Beyblade with already short stamina, a mid-height base and a tendency to be around the edge of the stadium – which means SCRAAAAAAAPES. It did manage to knock the defender out once when it somehow got completely under it, lifted it up and had it fall just outside the stadium. Overall, though, it was terrible.

Panther Claw (Flash Leopard)(Right): Not terrible, but I’m pretty sure yesterday was a complete fluke, it’s just not powerful enough. Still, it’s passable I guess, and may be worth trying on other setups (though IIRC its recoil is too much of an issue there).

Star Wolf (Wolborg 4)(Right): Seeing as I was still kinda torn on this one yesterday, I gave it another shot, and boy that recoil sure is something. Based on today, I think I will leave it off the list, but it is at least one of the best things outside the list.

Mountain Hammer (Voltaic Ape)(Right): Still as great as ever – in fact, it works decently on Customize Grip Base (with an MG Core, Defense Ring and wide defense) as well, or at least, as well as every other non-overhanging AR does on it, with a slight edge over most of the others against Circle Survivor Defense, and okay on SGMF2 as well, though it is not so good on Grip Base. If HMC gets added to attack, then it will lose its [H] tag for sure.

Gyro Defense (Bearing Gyros Magical Barancer)(Right): Still working today, but I haven’t had time to do full tests on it yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

G Upper (Dragoon GT)(Right): It wasn’t strong enough to make the list – G Upper is better in left (I also figured out why it does relatively poorly on Customize Grip Base – it has some rotational recoil issues, albeit not enough that it doesn’t work on SG Metal Flat 2), however it broke my Tiger Defenser – the spike on the back of the head snapped clean off (and the recoil caused the defender to disassemble itself). That’s the first time I’ve had a tiger defenser break, though I guess it was inevitable given that I’ve used this tiger defenser for all of my hyper aggro tests and it is on such a hard-to-budge combination meaning it has to absorb a lot of the shock, but I expected it to snap, not to lose that spike – and honestly, I really did not expect Tiger Defenser to be the AR I broke today.

I have a load of tiger defensers and some other spare compact ARs so it’s not a huge deal, but it’s still kinda sad – though few parts could ever claim to have died death more appropriate for a warrior – it almost made it through the entirety of the Hyper Aggro tests, and wouldn’t have broken had I not tried this on a whim (though it was probably already fractured before this, so it wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyhow).

Let It R.I.P., buddy.

Let It R.I.P., buddy.

<3 – th!nk


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I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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4 Responses to The Death of a Tiger Defenser (Hyper Aggro Tests Day 6)

  1. Kailesh says:

    Seems pretty good, great job on doing all this.

    I didnt think that lizard blocker would be any good, but fair enough, for making it work.

    Would you be able to test Draciel V’s AR please? Because in some random battles it seems to have smash attack for me. Oh, and Dranzer G also? Because well, you never know with them. Thanks.

    Shame about your TD breaking, I really need to get one of them… haha lol nice pun ;)

    Doing anything for PRD?

    Awesome Job!

    • th!nk says:

      I tested both of those on other days, neither worked well, though.

      No, not doing anything, sadly I have family stuff going on and with Perth’s scene as dead as it is I’m not going to be able to get something together.

  2. Kailesh says:

    Ah shame. Unlucky man, same here, London just cba, so im trying t get something more local.

    Can uriel 2s tip fit inside draciel fs base?

    • th!nk says:

      Check the compatibility doc (there’s a link in the links part of this site), it’ll say in there. I’m pretty sure it does if you use wolborg 2’s sg to hold it, but the extra weight (and horrible aerodynamics) would only serve to hinder performance. Might try it out later on tonight though.

      Oh, and the comment in reply to your original post was me, I just replied to the email (which was forwarded to my main email account, which I guess is why it didn’t show up as being me, I guess?)


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