TEST ALL THE ATTACK RINGS! (Hyper Aggro Testing Day 5)

Here we are, day 5 of this, but the end is in sight – which is definitely for the best seeing as my ancient Uriel 2 tip is getting very short from all this use. Today I tried a lot of stuff, which included a lot of outlandish stuff – I went for anything I thought could possibly deliver hard hits if its recoil was controlled – basically anything with a large, well exposed, and mostly flat face as a contact point, and some other stuff too. And to my surprise, a few things actually worked.

Now, brace yourself, cos this is a long one. (If you’re only interested in what worked, there’s a list of them at the bottom of the article, so you can ctrl+f their names to go to the stuff on them fairly quickly.)

Attacker is:
AR: Variable
WD: Ten Wide (My heavy one)
SG: Right/Left SG (Bearing Version 2)
SG Tip: SG Grip Change Base Tip (very worn)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Bearing Base

Spin directions are as noted.
Hayate Attack Ring (Hasbro)(Hayate II)(Left): This one needs to be re-examined, it seems a little weak to stay on the list, but then I do only have the Hasbro version. It seems to suffer from a fair bit of rotational recoil, or its contact points are poorly angled and so it isn’t delivering enough power even on this setup. I will leave it up for now, pending further testing.

Neo Cross Horn (Uriel 2)(Left): Neo Cross Horn clearly has enough power to be competitive for hyper aggressive smash attack in this direction. This comes from the thick contact points which at first appear poorly angled, but carry a protruding ridge on their leading edge which focuses energy nicely. Of course, due to the fragility, it should not be relied upon (or used at all).
It also really hurts if it hits you in the finger.

Star Wolf (Wolborg 4)(Left): A little short on power to justify its recoil – looking at the design it is almost certainly because it is unable to focus its hits properly. In right spin it has the noses, though, so this is still a good sign for that.

Whale Crusher (Seaborg 2)(Left): Whale Crusher just doesn’t hit all that hard, and it has some recoil problems. Not recommended.

Strike Turtle (Draciel V2)(Left): Strike Turtle did a pretty average job, it just isn’t that powerful, though it also isn’t too recoily. Not worth using, in the end.

Wing Upper (Flame Pegasus)(Left): The only time wing upper landed a hard hit it flew out of the stadium in a DKO. Most of the time it didn’t do anything of note. Not worth using.

Reverse Dragon (Dragoon S)(Left): Reverse Dragon wasn’t that bad, but it has a lot of recoil – which is probably why it hasn’t worked on anything else I’ve tried. Still, not powerful enough for this to be of any practical use.

Eight Attacker (Dragoon V)(Left): Speaking of recoil, Eight Attacker has a tonne of it – it flies backwards after every hit. Not worth using.

Triple Tiger (Driger G)(Left): Triple tiger has tall, angled protrusions above each head. Guess what? They are actually pretty good! Even more surprising was triple tiger destabilising its opponent in LEFT spin, allowing for easier KO’s. Perhaps it’s the fast-moving-opposite-spin thing (being active due to the round edges perhaps???) because I know triple tiger’s force smash isn’t that good… But either way, it worked extremely well.
Went back to it after finishing the rest of the testing and yes, it’s actually really, really good in left once the recoil is controlled. Will almost certainly make the list, but I will try it again tomorrow to make sure.

Upper Claw (Driger V2)(Left): Didn’t work – it just doesn’t hit very hard at all.

Zeo Attack Ring (Bakutenryuu Zeo)(Left): Not terrible, landed some hard hits, but was very inconsistent. Not worth using.

Upper Wolf (Wolborg 2)(Left): Not terrible, but even at its best it’s just not quite powerful enough.

Sonic Tiger (Driger V)(Left): Doesn’t hit hard. Kinda recoily. Not worth using.

Dragon Saucer + War Lion SAR (Gaia Dragoon G, Galeon)(Left): Hits fairly hard but suffers a tonne of recoil. There are better options.

Dragon Breaker + War Lion SAR (Gaia Dragoon V, Galeon)(Left): It hit really hard, but it did suffer quite a bit of recoil. Overall it did a pretty decent job, so I’ll take a look at it again tomorrow.

Gigantic Claw (Gigars)(Left): Able to hit very hard sometimes, but also suffers from extreme recoil when it does. Quite inconsistent overall.

Mountain Hammer (Voltaic Ape)(Right): Just did this to see how I was going today, but FWIW mountain hammer still works amazingly and is currently my main attack AR. I also tried both Triple Wing and Triple Claw in right spin because I’m paranoid that I’m wrong given the lack of focussed contact points on some of these (mountain hammer in particular), but no they do very little to this defender.

Neo Cross Horn (Uriel 2)(Right):
So this happened in the second match:

Again, Knight Claws Ring: 15 Colors. Neo Cross Horn: One Color That Is Incredibly Fragile. Thanks, guys.

Again, Knight Claws Ring: 15 Colors. Neo Cross Horn: One Color That Is Incredibly Fragile. Thanks, guys.

Let It R.I.P., friend, Let It R.I.P.

(It seems competitive enough to put up from the round it did and last night).

Star Wolf (Wolborg 4)(Right): I am really struggling to make my mind up here. It hits more than hard enough to make the list, but it also has some serious recoil. After testing it against a range of defensive opponents, I feel it is definitely competitive, but it’s quite a gamble to use.

Gigantic Claw (Gigars)(Right): Less recoily, and it has a bit of upper, but it doesn’t hit anywhere near hard enough to be worth using.

Cross Spike (Draciel S)(Right): Yeah it still sucks, a lot of rotational recoil and not much power.

Wing Upper (Flame Pegasus)(Right): Doesn’t hit very hard, which is unsurprising. A little destabilising ability, but Wing Upper was not built for attack.

Zeo Attack Ring (Bakutenryuu Zeo)(Right): Hits pretty darned hard but it has waaaaay too much recoil. Not worth using.

Panther Claw (Flash Leopard)(Right): This actually didn’t do too badly, the destabilising ability from its slopes helps a bit, and it can hit pretty hard at times. I don’t think it’s competitive but I’ll take another look at it tomorrow.

Ten Spike (Draciel V)(Right): Just not very good, sometimes hits reasonably hard somehow, but suffers quite a bit of recoil from doing so, but most of the time it doesn’t do much at all.

Gyro Defense (Bearing Gyros Magical Barancer)(Right): No idea how it works, but it works pretty darned well. The flat-faced protrusion has a fairly large amount of smash, I assume because it’s straight rather than angled, yet thin enough that it doesn’t have debilitating rotational recoil (at least on this setup – I may try others) and has good exposure, combined with a decent weight distribution and maybe some slight destabilizing ability from its shape when moving at high speeds.

I ate dinner then tried it on this combo:

AR: Gyro Defense
WD: Wide Defense (flat side up – lines protrusion up with gyro AR’s contact points)
BB: Grip Base

And what the hell it actually works! It’s a bit more recoil-laden than Triple Wing but the two seem pretty closely matched overall, it has some destabilizing ability but not quite as much as triple wing it seems. I will try to do a full comparative testing of the two tomorrow, as Gyro Defense might actually be a competitive smash AR.
Of course, as I mentioned yesterday, between their small size and how hard they hit opponents, it probably wouldn’t take long for the contact points to wear away to practically nothing – mine are already pretty worn.

Tried it quickly on SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version), it didn’t do too great, but not really any worse than Triple Wing did the couple of times I tried it for comparison. I don’t use SGMF2 that often, though, so I may have just been off my game with it, or forgotten how it normally does against Metal Ball Base. Kinda tired out at this point though.

…And that’s all. In fact, I think that’s just about everything I have to test for this, except Knight Claws Ring, Spike Lizard’s AR, and probably a Takara Flying Defense (Trypio) just for the heck of it. Then, it’s just checking everything I said I’d recheck and then this is done, which also almost certainly means an end to the daily blog posts after the next one, seeing as I’ll go back to writing up that database thing (and various other things I need to do, of course).

<3 – th!nk

Stuff that worked: Triple Tiger, Neo Cross Horn, Star Wolf, Dragon Breaker + War Lion SAR, Panther Claw, Gyro Defense, also Mountain Hammer still works.


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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9 Responses to TEST ALL THE ATTACK RINGS! (Hyper Aggro Testing Day 5)

  1. shinobuxd says:

    Mountain Hammer is amazing. I love Voltaic Ape, and Mountain Hammer is just awesome. Defense Ring is fantastic, too.

    Triple Tiger in left? Neat!

    And Star Wolf? I can’t believe it works. That makes Wolborg 4 a fully competitive blade, but the AR only for people with Uriel 2 I guess.

    I sure hope the committee legalizes Seaborg base mod so I can actually use the good ARs on here. Have any word about it yet?

    • th!nk says:

      Yeah, I don’t know why I overlooked it so long (or why I knew about it for a little while then forgot), seeing as voltaic ape is probably my favourite beyblade, but I guess it’s because it really does not look like it has any worthwhile contact points, just recoily/unfocussed ones.

      Yeah, thought I don’t know if it’ll work well on taller bases – those force smash slopes have some recoil and the contact points don’t hang that low. It wasn’t too terrible on the seaborg setup when I tried it, but not all that amazing. Will probably experiment more with that in my spare time to find a good setup for that, especially as my uriel 2 tip is really, really worn down now so I want a new base for testing.

      Caught me by surprise too, haha, really wouldn’t have thought to check it without Mountain Hammer having made me consider retesting everything in case it worked.

      No word yet, still writing up an explanation with pictures to explain everything, took a bunch of pictures yesterday but still have to resize them and write the explanations etc. I kinda worry because the roller defense mod was kinda similar, but that allowed for an exploit (left spin launchers with right spin gears) that would not have been planned by takara – Dragoon S, the first left spin beyblade, was released much later. The only exploit this allows is making attack affordable. I gave it a quick shot for force smash and its late-game stamina was too bad to work there, so it really is only for attack. It’s definitely not as good as SG Grip Change Base’s tip on further investigation, but when you consider most peoples best attack base is Customize Grip Base, it’s still a marked improvement.

    • th!nk says:

      Finally got around to sending the explanation with pictures – I didn’t realise how close we were to PRD… Fuck. Been busy with PlasticsDB and family junk.

      Kei seems keen on getting it sorted very quickly, which is nice.

  2. Massimo says:

    Great job think! this is what I want to do for all parts and all styles of battle. It will be a huge amount of testing and fun! :)
    let us know when you have some news for the seaborg mod.
    see you next!

    • th!nk says:

      Copying this comment so you see it:
      Finally got around to sending the explanation with pictures – I didn’t realise how close we were to PRD… Fuck. Been busy with PlasticsDB and family junk.

      Kei seems keen on getting it sorted very quickly, which is nice.

  3. shinobuxd says:

    I’ve tried Mountain Hammer on CGB, and it was awful. It was so easy to get above those two elevated contact points. I did do this in left, however.

    • th!nk says:

      It is noticeably less effective in left spin (and also depending on the setup it might lose effectiveness against opposite spin – using it on a force smash setup does this). Will give it a proper shot on CGB myself after dinner to check.

      Also should have today’s Hyper Aggro test notes up within the next couple of hours, though the entry has a rather melancholy ending.

      • th!nk says:

        I actually managed to get the mountain hammer cgb combo to outspin my circle survivor combo (Wing Cross Mold 2, Wide Defense, Rock Bison EG, Wolborg 4 Base, Circle Survivor) though it almost always loses to the top part’s LAD.

    • th!nk says:

      Okay, tried it, and
      AR: Mountain Hammer
      WD: Wide Defense
      SG: Neo Right SG (Magnecore)
      SP: Defense Ring
      BB: Customize Grip Base

      actually works as well as any non-overhanging CGB attack setup – in fact it seems to do a bit better against Circle Survivor Defense combos due to the higher contact points meaning you will always hit the top half (which circle survivor combos do not like – this causes severe destabilization of them).
      On playing around with that and SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version), Mountain Hammer is extremely close to coming off the Hyper Aggressive list, and in fact I may just add Heavy Metal Core to the attack list – generally, or at least for me and likely anyone who uses attack on a regular basis and can do so confidently under tournament conditions, it’s far too large a tradeoff, but I do know some people really prefer it on SGMF2 and some will likely do so on Customize Grip Base and the Seaborg thing if it gets legalised (though adding that centred weight can cause the base to spin around the tip for a short-medium period of time, though some bases/tips seem a little tighter than others). In addition to this, that would make the Voltaic Ape Bludgeoning Smash combo completely inside the smash attack list where it belongs. Once the database is out, it’ll explain mountain hammer’s mo-recoil-control-mo-power quirk.

      So yeah I might just do that. Anyway, probably won’t be updating the list tonight seeing as I still have the seaborg stuff to do and I want to test Gyro Defense first and haven’t done that yet, but I’ll make my mind up on HMC on doing that (especially as Gyro Defense on SGMF2 should be interesting)


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