An Unsuccessful Evening’s (Re)Testing (Hyper Aggro AR Candidate Tests #3)

Spoiler: There are no interesting new competitive parts in this post, just a few things that didn’t work when I tested them for Attack.

Bunch more Hyper Aggro tests today. All against the weight defense/compact hybrid thing:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Ten Heavy
SG: Neo Right SG (HMC)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Metal Change Base
Launch: Passive launch for little movement.

Attack combo:
AR: Variable
WD: Ten Wide (the heavy one – for maximum recoil control)
SG: Right SG (Bearing Version 2)
SG Tip: SG Grip Change Base Tip (Very Worn)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Bearing Base

Okay, onto notes, note all of this is Right Spin unless otherwise noted.

Shield Hammer (Draciel G): Not completely terrible, but doesn’t hit hard enough to be worth using.

Genocide Circle (Death Gargoyle): Didn’t do anything of note, usually it doesn’t land solid hits, bouncing away harmlessly due to the rounded walls that make up most of its perimeter. When it does land solid hits it doesn’t do much. Not worth using.

Genocide Circle (Left Spin): Can hit hard, but most of the time doesn’t land solid hits and when it does hit hard, it usually suffers heavy recoil as well – overall it’s really inconsistent and not worth using.

Penta Wing (Rapid EagleSteve G): Just like when I tried it on grip base, it didn’t do anything worthwhile – it just doesn’t hit hard.

Cross Dranzer (Dranzer V2): Actually landed some hard hits as well as doing a little destabilizing at times when it gets hits between the SP and AR, however overall it wasn’t consistent or powerful enough, and it has pretty limited range, so it’s a no-go.

Whale Crusher (Seaborg 2): As it did on grip base, it doesn’t have enough Smash Attack to be worth using, meaning it’s the only top-tier traditional upper attack AR that isn’t in either the Smash Attack or Spin Stealing Upper Attack lists.

Double Snake (Wyborg): The first hit, it disassembled the defender, and twisted itself back over the SG in the process. Thereafter it was basically just a slightly less powerful Whale Attacker (Seaborg) – recoily and not powerful enough to warrant it – so, no, no good despite the encouraging first match.

So yeah, a little disappointing but not too surprising given this was stuff I hadn’t thought of when writing the list or over the last couple of days of experimentation. Anyways, I’m loving Mountain Hammer more and more each time I try it so I don’t really care haha.


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