Testing Notes – Hyper Aggro ARs Day 2

Tried more things out today, mostly attack stuff, here are my notes.

Keep in mind when I say something works or does well, that is compared to regular attack AR’s – defense is still a safe option against attack in plastics, the best plastics attackers are just good enough to have a slim chance in a tournament situation against the best defenders (and a fair chance (if used well) against more balanced defensive opponents).

Double Horn (Rock Bison)- Defense/Stamina: Tested this because Ultramarine said it performed well in casual play vs a tiger defenser/wide defense circle survivor combo, in the following combo:
AR: Double Horn
WD: Ten Wide
SG: Neo Right SG (HMC)
SP: Defense Ring (Assumed)
BB: Customize Metal Sharp Base

In my use of it, it managed a couple of KO’s thanks to the aggressive AR and height matchup, but that recoil also caused it problems if the circle survivor combo was launched aggressively. It didn’t manage to get outspins with any semblance of reliability, the AR’s recoil causing it to get outspun too easily even with the base’s tendency to avoid contact lategame (just like MFB’s WD tip).

Against the same circle survivor combo with rock bison’s eg it did manage to destabilize it a bit but never enough to win by outspin, so no luck there either.

So I moved onto attack testing. Mostly against Tiger Defenser/10H/Metal Ball Base, also used the circle survivor defense combo with wolborg 4’s EG a bit

Attack Combo:

AR: Variable
WD: Ten Wide (slightly heavier than the average wide defense)
SG: Right SG (Bearing Version 2)
SG Tip: SG Grip Change Base Tip (very worn)
SP: Cross Survivor
BB: Customize Bearing Base

Double Horn – Attack: Tested this because I had the parts out and it did manage those KO’s sometimes. Using Uriel 2’s tip.
Showed promise, able to deliver hard hits and to my surprise also had some minor upper attack (didn’t expect this as the slopes are small and obstructed). However, it wasn’t as consistent as Corona Saber, I suspect in part due to the smaller range. Solid enough for HA Smash but not quite enough to make the list.

Cybernetic Dragon: Cybernetic Dragon fell just short of the necessary power to make it into the competitive parts list with the amount of recoil it has – Corona Saber has more power at similar/slightly lower recoil. Based on this it seems like a High Tier 2 Hyper Aggro AR, but if you’re using the part required to make it work (Uriel 2’s tip) you should be able to get a better AR and use that instead – if you’re already using the best tip in the game you shouldn’t waste it on anything but the best AR setups.

Mountain Hammer – Attack: Another “retest the thick recoily things” AR test for Hyper Aggro smash, and this one has a precedent based on the bludgeoning attack combo it has use on (I’ve also had good results from it in the past, I guess I just forgot when writing the list haha). Showed definite promise against my Metal Ball Base compact, getting regular KO’s, will definitely revisit it later in a better-focussed combo (i.e. defense ring instead of cross survivor) and also try it in left spin and do some opposite spin matchups, though I am confused as to why it hits so hard given the contact points it has aren’t well angled or anything.

Wing Survivor (Dranzer G) – Attack: No power, recoil, bah. Really want this thing to work but it just doesn’t.

Cross Spiker (Metal Driger): Worked decently, hits hard, but the small range/poor contact point exposure is kinda annoying and will likely be a problem against anything with serious defensive ability.

So after that I changed the defending combo to a much more serious one:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Ten Heavy
SG: Neo Right SG (HMC)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Metal Change Base

This combo’s heavy, compact weight, low recoil, and movement patterns mean that it causes havoc for combos that can’t handle their recoil against it, especially rotational recoil. It’s one of the most defensive combinations of the generation.
I used defense ring on the attacker for a lot of these tests because of mountain hammer (the main reason I got out the heavier combo).

Corona Saber: Was doing well today and did better than anything else I tried against this, all of which are listed here.

Cybernetic Dragon: Managed to destabilize it a bit somehow once or twice but couldn’t score a KO, confirming my doubts about it being competitive – it falls just short.

Double Horn: Pushed it around a bit but didn’t land any KO’s, and suffered a fair amount of recoil, relegating this out of the CC list.

Dark Wing: This is an interesting one, because Dark Wing did quite poorly compared to its performance against other stuff. This isn’t too surprising – Dark Wing is notable for being absolutely terrible if its recoil isn’t controlled, and against something that exploits recoil like this, obviously the setup wasn’t enough to help. Maybe a mint tip would’ve been enough. Still, it does well enough against less leaden opponents to stay up at least for now, but this will need to be mentioned in the database/article explicitly.

Mountain Hammer: Did a decent job compared to other options, not many KO’s but then nothing else landed many either. I’m still confused as to how its contact points let it KO anything at all let alone this often, so I will have to try against some other stuff.

Cross Spiker: Didn’t do very well (although it wasn’t terrible), but the limited range/exposure is a definite problem for it, not making the list but worth mentioning.

Spike Dragon (Left Spin): Realised I didn’t check this for the CC list. As it turns out, it has a little too much recoil to be worth using. Also tried it against the metal ball base combo with similar results – too much recoil (particularly rotational).

So from that, Mountain Hammer was the standout. So, I tried it in left and against a defensive zombie in both spin directions:

Defensive Zombie (more def/stam balance but still a strong defensive opponent):
AR: Twin Horn
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Left SG (Double Bearing Version)
SG Shaft: SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft
BB: Defense Grip Base 2

Mountain Hammer (Left): Not very good, particularly against right spin, and lacks the power to handle the main left spin defense type (defensive zombies) reliably, so this is a no go. Which is odd as its design suggests it’d be better in this direction.

Right spin vs Defensive Zombie: It works at least as well as most other right spin hyper aggro choices, if not better than most. I also tried it out with wide defense instead of my heavy Ten Wide, and it still worked. It doesn’t do very well on Grip Base however, though this is not a surprise. I still don’t know why it works so well, but I can’t argue with what I’ve seen, especially with the precedent set by the bludgeoning combo and past success. Mountain Hammer is a competitive hyper aggressive smash attack AR in right spin.





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3 Responses to Testing Notes – Hyper Aggro ARs Day 2

  1. Massimo says:

    I didn’t knew of the hyper aggro combos but I noticed too some time ago that mountain hammer was a good smash attack ring.
    Thankyou for all this new posts! there’s still unkonwn or understimated stuff in plastics


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