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EDIT: I’ve added a twitter widget to the side bar so this blog doesn’t totally stagnate while I’m super busy writing for beywiki. I’ll try to finish the video series and get another blog post up soon but yeah.

So I made a twitter that I will actually use as a proper twitter (I have another that I don’t use other than for angry,
yet impotent raging at various things). It’ll be mainly beyblade related – largely because beyblade is how I spend a lot of my time, though I’ll also cross into other things I like/find cool, and just general inane twitter babbling. Also, seeing as I’m at least temporarily (hopefully permanently/until project completion) doing beywiki plastics stuff officially, there will be plenty of dull tweets about that, in terms of progress, todo lists and other updates on what I’m doing.

140 characters is a silly limit but I guess it stops me rambling so that’s something, but I can’t do chatspeak any more so it might be tough. Also, seeing as it’s of a more impulsive nature and I am ‘strayan (and a horrible person), I will probably swear semi-regularly, so if you’re a little babby you should steer clear.

But yeah here’s the link (I’m still setting everything up, though):
I reserve the right to abandon it but I’m a self indulgent little prick so it may well last.
I’ll quite happily talk to myself anyway so whatever.


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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