The Mighty 10bBistool Part Two!

Second video of this five part series is up! In this video, we watch 10bBistool do glorious battle with two types of upper attack (traditional and spin stealing) as well as a nailbiting match against a Circle Survivor Defense (AKA Wolborg 4) combination!
Video and information after the break!

In this video, 10bBistool faces off against two types of Upper Attack; Traditional Upper Attack and Spin Stealing Upper Attack (which to the further horror of those who desperately cling to antiquated notions about spinning tops will execute Upper Attack in Opposite Spin), as well as facing off against a Circle Survivor Defense Combination (AKA A Wolborg 4 Combo).

Here’s some info on the combos used and stuff. If you want to know what a part comes from, check beywiki’s Beyblade Parts List, which I’ve recently fixed up so the names of the plastics parts are all correct!

10bBistool is a type of Semi Flat Base combination, and is as follows:
AR: Wing Cross (Mold 2)
WD: Ten Balance
BB: Semi Flat Base
Semi Flat Base combinations are stamina type combinations. I’ll discuss it in the videos as well as writing a mini-article on here about Semi Flat Base combinations, their classification/uses and some thoughts as to why 10bBistool became so popular despite being really average, which I’ll post after the last video to answer any lingering questions.


10bBistool Versus Traditional Upper Attack:

Upper Attack Combination:
AR: Upper Dragoon
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo Right (Heavy Metal Core)
BB: Storm Grip Base
Concept: Traditional Upper Attack combo, focussed on high RPM and low height, as well as some speed, though as they are basically limited to Storm Grip Base, the potential for this is not large. Noticeably less effective against opposite spin opponents (albeit not entirely useless as some may have you believe).

10bBistool Versus Spin Stealing Upper Attack:
Spin Stealing Upper Attack Combo:
AR: Upper Dragoon
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Left SG (Free Shaft Version)
SG Shaft: SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft
BB: Defense Grip Base 2
Concept: Able to steal spin and use upper attack at the same time, by focussing less on creating huge amounts of lift and more on using the smaller lift and greater destabilisation provided by opposite spin more efficiently to the same end. Has good LAD to outspin opponents though against Semi Flat Base combinations, semi flat bases’s good stamina and the upper attacker’s aggressive profile means it can go either way, depending on how much the combo can destabilise Semi Flat Base. Upper Dragoon’s more abrupt slopes work well for this setup, and the lower recoil compared to Triangle Wing is appreciated, hence why I’ve swapped to Upper Dragoon.

Combination can be seen in Mc Frown’s video here, also against 10bBistool, with nice music as opposed to my dull narration:
Mc Frown brought this combination to everyone’s attention, and since then I have been advocating it a lot, especially as it obliterates the foolish notion that upper attack requires same spin to work.

10bBistool Versus Circle Survivor Defense Combination

Circle Survivor Defense Combination:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Wide Defense
EG: Right EG (Circle Defenser)
BB: Final Clutch Base (Dranzer GT Version)
CEW Part: Right EG (Circle Survivor) CEW Part
Concept: CEW Part absorbs hits from low attackers, protects beyblade from impacts, provides some LAD and prevents efficient spin stealing by opposing zombies. Suffers from some reliability issues against same spin opponents, works better against some opponents with EG wound, others without. I usually use Wing Cross on this but obviously I cannot do that here.
10 Balance performs almost as well as Wide Defense for this combination. Using Wolborg 4’s own base and EG can be slightly more reliable against 10bBistool but Dranzer GT’s base’s weight distribution allows the combination to do much better against zombies, giving a good chance of beating every single zombie, though it’s not worth buying a Dranzer GT for and I’ve not found any other base that is worth using over Wolborg 4’s own. Rock Bison’s EG (or Desert Sphinxe’s if for some reason you want to use something more expensive but no different) is needed to use Circle Survivor on any non-Normal Base EG Base.


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