Hi all, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, I’ve been in charge of beywiki’s plastic sections for almost two weeks now, which is a trial period to see if I’m fit for the job. Hasn’t been the best two weeks but I think I’m doing okay, but we’ll see!
Anyway, while I’ve not been active here, I am making a few videos, or at least will be, on my youtube channel, th1nkWBO.
I’ll be putting up a series of videos of 10bBistool sucking butts against basically everything in the coming days, but the other day I put up this video of a rather fun illegal combo, using a Hasbro Trypio AR, and Flame Pegasus’ Gyro Engine Gear (not really an engine gear), modified with two NSK bearings (only one of the stock ABS bearings may be changed), and being launched in gyro mode (not legal under WBO rules). It sucks without either of these things but this illegal combo is a lot of fun and I made a video of it. I need to get a tripod so excuse the shaky handcam (I’ve since taken to resting the camera on a box or whatever, but yeah. Enjoy my awkward attempts at humor, strange moans and groans I make when trying to concentrate and talk at the same time, and dull rambling! FUN!

Anyway, here’s the video:

I don’t care if you like, comment, or subscribe, but the latter will help notify you of future releases. I also generally don’t sub back as I only use my beyblade account for posting videos, and only subscribe to things I like watching – and if I want to watch beyblades, I’ll go play with my own. Also, I don’t watch AMV’s, if I want that I’ll mute the anime and put on my own music, or play guitar along to it or whatever. So, please don’t take offence if I screw up basic youtube etiquette, I am not much of a “youtuber”. I only make these videos for people who might be interested and for my own enjoyment, I make no money off them, and nor do I plan to (though I reserve the right to change my mind on that in future). If you enjoy them, encouragement is nice but again, I don’t care, I’ll continue making them as along as I enjoy doing so, just like anything else I do.

I will post videos here when I upload them in future. Anyway, Enjoy!

Oh, also, if you want a Tornado Attack Stadium (not legal for MFB but the best stadium for plastics), a bunch came up on ebay at a good price.
First is this set, which comes with TA, Dragoon and Draciel G, and two customize grips with rubber:
Second is this, the stadium itself:

I have no affiliation with the sellers, and only have buying experience with the first, with whom the transaction went smoothly. I take no responsibility for anything that results from you purchasing from them and cannot endorse their legitimacy, but the links are posted in good faith. Blah blah blah.


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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