Aww yeah

his power is maximum

I was trying to make the heaviest AR setup and I did but I also made the strongest AR setup oh man oh boy oh boy oh man

More power, more tears from collectors, more heads, more cool! I should really get a black Burning Kerberous for the base, or something along those lines, to add some polish to the whole thing but if Twin Guard works then it’ll still look silly anyway. And, black BK is expensive (OkinawamTS has one at about $60 before shipping which is a fair price but not one I can afford), might be better to get another wolborg 2 instead – lord knows I need a mint one. I’ll have to play around and see.

Other things I’ve worked out that I am going to ramble about:

Upper Dragoon works better than Triangle Wing practically always: Except for left spin traditional upper attack where it’s still very close, Upper Dragoon just works better. Less recoil. For spin stealing upper attack, its left spin slopes are at a real nice angle, too. I just wish I had one in a ncie color, Triangle Wing is one of my favourite AR’s so not using it make sme sad, especially as I’m using Dranzer GT’s base….

Wolborg 4 Combo Bases: Played around with a few, using Rock Bison’s EG, Zeus’s did surprisingly well, especially as it basically fixes the CEW part in place. Dranzer GT’s seemed to be best, makes sense being three sided and all with the three sided CEW but yeah. It does scrape against the CEW a little but it also performs much better against my zombie so I don’t really care. Would like to get an ice blue wolborg 4 and perhaps a gekiryu-oh or ultimate frostic dranzer to make an all blue icy beyblade someday.

Heavyweights: Draciel S’s Blade Base+HMC is only the heaviest BB+SG if it uses wyborg’s base clips or another oversized set of clips, none of which do it much good in battle. Otherwise, Zeus’s Base, Rock Bisons EG and Wolborg 4’s CEW weighs slightly more, and the difference between them when using base clips is easily covered by natural weight variations.

Force Smash: Started using Smash Turtle instead of Wing Survivor, worked much better. However, couldn’t KO zombies – force smash combos are rather balance-ey, at the very least they aren’t attack as they usually win by Outspin. Stuck to my weight based defender in the end for the sake of KO launching and defense.

Gaia Dragoon G’s SAR is the best SAR for defense and stamina: buy it. Nice engine gear tip too.

I think that’s all, I’mma go sleep now.


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I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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