Quick Update on the Blargh Again.

You know, the lack of updates isn’t due to a lack of ideas to post about, in fact, it’s often due to having too many ideas, and new ideas that spring from others, that I never end up completing a whole blog post. In the mean time, if you desperately want to read some of my rambling, this post in Plastic Parts Discussion and the one that follows it are a lot like blog posts, in fact, I was working on proper blog posts for both, and may still do that. Again, you all should check that topic more often and post responses, because as much as there’s absolutely no issue with me making multiple consecutive posts if they’re that “important and relevant”, I’m still a little uncomfortable, and the lack of replies is sometimes a little disappointing.

Basically there I point out how good Gaia Dragoon G’s SAR is and bridge the gap between Compacts and Weight Based Defense, and may have made the latter far more competitive (the lack of aggression is still annoying me). May still make blog posts about them as I didn’t cover everything, but yeah.

Most of the rest of this is moaning about the work I plan/need to do instead of actually doing that work (though I do detail basically what I’m working on so if you’re interested in that, yeah), and a little about recent purchases (with a little moaning at the end, because I didn’t want to break the mood). If you’re up to it,

In addition to that, I’ve also been working super-hard on stuff for Plastics Remembrance, which it turns out is about two months earlier than I thought! Ooops! Still aiming to finish the projects I set that as a deadline for in time for it, but yeah, focus has shifted onto more beginner-based stuff that I was originally going to do later, and one or two additional things have been added. Basically, so far I’m working on: an article that explains the parts of a plastic beyblade and will probably also include how it all works and stuff; a guide to using a plastic launcher and ripcord (believe me, if you’ve never used one before it can be hard to get your head around), which I’ll need to take pictures for; a guide to the best plastics for beginners; and the last two, much more complex projects: the part performance database I mentioned in my last blog post, and a guide to the types of competitive customization, with both a simple explanation and a more advanced one which will also include the better parts for each type, which will basically function as a competitive plastics customizations list. So yeah, a lot of work, and whilst I should work on them one at a time, I keep coming up with new ideas, and need to prevent burnout, so they’re all slowly progressing at once.

I also have a plastics tournament to get off the ground (which is rather hard when your area is about as active as my ability to form a simile right now), an increased amount of questions in plastics Q&A, and three beywiki drafts I’m currently working on, as well as non-beyblade responsibilities I really need to get back to as putting them aside is causing me a lot of stress (normally when I get to this sentence in a draft I stop writing and go do something else to take my mind off things, but I’ll persevere). I also really need to go and try to apply some CPR to the advanced forum and competitive combos list but that’s a lower priority right now.
In addition to this, I do need to take breaks and do other things to prevent burn-out, as well as needing to constantly remind myself that I promised to get this stuff done for this year’s PRD, so the whole “well at least it’ll be done for next years PRD” excuse my mind keeps throwing up is not good enough. I also want to get some blog posts done but right now I’m tired. I don’t mind the load, as working on plastics stuff is generally fun, but if sometimes I’m a little grouchier than usual or whatever, or I seem to be taking a long time to do things, or just moan a bit more than usual (for example, making blog posts that consist almost entirely of moaning), now you know why. First World Problems, yes, but I’ve never known anything else.

On the upside, I’ve also had a run of luck with purchases, this week I’ve settled deals for three of the top four items on my most wanted list – Spark Knight, an EZ Shooter Power Custom, aaaaaaaand Blizzard Orthrus, each of them thanks to other members spotting them and telling me or the like. The last two are especially notable, I’ve been after the Power Custom for about a year now, while Blizzard Orthrus has been my most wanted beyblade item for a very long time, and I’d almost given up on owning one. This means I can finally do some testing of Twin Guard SP, the AR (though some testing has already been done, I want to see how it goes on Ariel 2’s tip, as it often drastically improves recoily ARs), and the Base. But even if it sucks, it’s still a very pretty beyblade, and will be very nice once I get some kinda display case thing sorted.
Of course, between this and Tournament expenses, my wallet is feeling particularly light, not helped by certain personal issues which mean I haven’t worked in a while, so the pressure there is one of those big stress factors, but oh well.

Oh, and once I do get these projects done, they’ll be posted here first (and it’ll probably be a while until I move them elsewhere). It’ll be interesting formatting stuff, especially as I can’t use spoilers here (or at least, I don’t think I can after doing some research), but I’ll get to the formatting once the work itself is done, haha.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to, and what’s on my mind. If you managed to get this far: I’m sorry, and thankyou for listening to me complain, it makes me feel a little better. :)

<3 – th!nk


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