Sorry for the delay guys, it’s been a hectic week or so for me (and my family), I have had almost no time to write anything, or even play with my beys, but today I finally got a few hours to experiment with my plastics, and what a day it was.

When you’ve had as much time playing with plastics as I do, and as many parts, you don’t really expect to be surprised – I mean, I know plastics are full of surprises, that’s why I love them, but it’s been a while since I encountered anything all that new for myself (though my discussions with a few longer-serving members of the beyblade community are always delightful, and I always end up learning from them), today was incredible.

The rather train-of-thought-as-it-happened original version can be found HERE (yeah, Plastics Parts Discussion – the unloved older brother of Plastics General, that people should use more often as it’s where more technical stuff belongs!) but I’ll go through it here too, now my thoughts are better organised. Hopefully this won’t be too boring and rambly, but yeah!

Basically, today I started trying to balance the teams of Lend-Out beys I am working on for tournaments. The Wolborg 4 combo in the mix presents quite an amount of trouble for most of the balance types (which is most of the beys), as the only common compact base that can outspin it is Metal Change Base, Customize Metal Change and SG Semi Flat don’t, and SG Metal Ball is dicey, and I’d rather the teams be equal than have to weaken one because I can’t bring up the strength of the others – as I want each team to be as strong as possible – both to prevent any disappointment in the lent beys, and to provide the best possible competition for myself (and everyone else).

Anyway, I was playing around with attack rings and weight disks, and I remembered Metal Dranzer’s AR (Scissors Attacker) having too limited a range to be used with Wide Defense or Wide Survivor. I then grabbed it to try it out, but was quickly distracted by just how little range that was – enough that it lines up almost perfectly with those two weight disks. Not only that, but in left spin it’s an extremely passively shaped AR, with some small bumps. First instinct was to try it with Survivor Ring against the Wolborg 4 combo in a zombie. First match it came close, so I switched to defense ring and voila, it began winning easily.

Playing around with that and trying to test it’s potential compared to the other Zombie AR’s I had, it quickly dispatched Gyro AR – which looks more hilariously overblown each and every day, as well as the underrated Flame Wing (Flame/Torch/Thunder Pegasus), bringing it up to Tiger Defenser and Twin Horn – the two “best” left-spin Zombie ARs I know.

Now, consider this – Metal Dranzer is considered so worthless (and I remember seeing so many in store) that even someone like myself, who could probably snag one for spare change, hadn’t bothered to buy it, and only got it because it wasn’t worth the increased cost of shipping it to Zain with his share of the order (something I hope he doesn’t hold against me now – I really had no clue that it had any potential). Then, when I did get it, I didn’t rush to test it. Heck, until yesterday I thought it’d be a really easy article to write for beywiki in 10 minutes or so. It showed decent attack potential but I never gave it a second look. No one talks about it, it seems no one ever has talked about it – Damashii’s description is quite literally “For veteran players, the “Scissor Attacker” AR should be changed. Here is an example of a good customization.” though it does make clear it’s not a bad bey uncustomized (though from my own observation it won’t get you far in a tournament).

But hell, people should be talking about it soon – turns out it’s better in left spin than the famed Tiger Defenser (Driger S). Of course, that isn’t Tiger Defenser’s “good side”, but it’s still an amazing AR in either direction, and something so unknown outperforming it is quite simply mindblowing. In fact, the performance of Scissors Attacker in Left is so close to Twin Horn, that I had to find better and better beys to differentiate between them. But in the end, Twin Horn is slightly better. Nonetheless, in this case, second is really, really good, especially considering how rare and expensive Takara Gabriels are.
In right spin, it has more recoil but is still decent, though Twin Horn is better and Tiger Defenser (and I guess Wing Cross) are the masters of Right-Spin stamina anyway.

So, surprise number one: Metal Dranzer’s AR is not just good, but AMAZING, for a type I guess it just wasn’t tried for.

While testing this, rather early on, I noticed that a Wolborg SG in a Wolborg 2 base, with Scissors Attacker, was coming dangerously close to my normal setup in the same spin, and in opposite spin was even slightly outperforming it every so often, by having better LAD (Wolborg’s SG/Shaft is still not a stable one (I have the takara one – the better mold)). Luckily, Burning Kerberous’s Super-Stable-Double-Bearing-Plastic-Change-Tip-Super-Core fits in that base, and after putting Wolborg 2’s base on my BK Based combo, it regained total domination. Then, after much 1v1 testing (as I don’t have two perfectly matched Double Bearing Cores – or any zombie SG for that matter), it turned out that yep, the “outclassed” Defense Grip Base 2 – as had been mentioned to me by a few older players including Deikailo (who I’m really annoyed about not being able to face in an official plastics tourney if I ever attend Anime North/visit the US – same goes for Bluezee) – had the best LAD of any base short of Spiral Change Base. So, that goes onto my main Zombie. Sure, it’s not as solid defensively as Customize Bearing Base, but it’s still nowhere near as ridiculously easy to KO as Spiral Change Base, and I hopefully shouldn’t be staring down an attacker with a zombie any time soon.

So, that’s surprise number 2 (for me at least): Defense Grip Base 2 is awesome and I need to rewrite the wolborg 2 rewrite draft again.

Thirdly, towards the end of the evening, after all that zombie testing, I decided to test whether SG Bearing Ver 2 or Double Bearing Core had better stamina in battle, something I’d been curious about, as the latter can scrape in the base but is more stable, shorter, and should have better spin stealing capability – which it proved, handily outspinning SG Bearing Ver 2 with equivalent combos in opposite spin, with either shaft and so on. Definitely a relief.
But, that’s no surprise to me – the surprise came once I got back to testing the teams, this time against my own beys, and my most brutal one – my ridiculous attacker with Ariel 2’s tip and the Great Dragon/War Bear combination with monstrous range and even more monstrous power output (seriously, that thing is just unreal). I realised I hadn’t tried the grip-based-defenser one of the teams will get against a mint tip. Lucky I did – because the grip based defender only has an MG WD (sadly, I can’t afford to hoard any more wide defense WD’s), it was laughably easy to send flying, even late game (oh yeah, Great Dragon/War Bear isn’t OHKO, especially with this base, the ridiculous rotational force from it’s huge range means that it can be deadly even at lower RPMs). Fiddling with the AR helped (I reallllly don’t like Upper Dragoon for it but hoped it would improve the overall roundness of the combo to compensate for the WD, but the gaps in it made even late-game KO’s relatively easy). However, even the best AR’s didn’t improve things enough (though it did help a fair bit), MG WD just isn’t heavy enough, or round enough (whilst Wide Defense may be a more aggressive AR overall, it’s shape has less recoil than that of MG WD – which is why even with the plastic coating on the latter, Wide Defense is better for Defense (and everything else.)) Then I realised that perhaps I should be keeping the WD out of the way, and the defense ring I had on it wasn’t doing that – so I swapped it to cross survivor, and with a better AR (Scissors Attacker) combined with that, it became a reliable counter to my Attacker.
Now, considering I was using defense ring on my own defensive zombie, that was a big surprise to me – and also quite bad for defense ring, given I now don’t have much use for one on my own team of beys (though I may put one on my attacker, depends how it goes). I want to try survivor ring too (for synergy with Scissors Attacker), but I had no time left to blade as everyone went to bed.

So, surprise number 3: Defense Ring isn’t the best Defense SP, just like Survivor Ring and Cross Survivor aren’t the best survival SP.

On the upside, spare defense rings should make balancing the teams easier!

But yeah, just goes to show, plastics is full of surprises – and that’s why they’re my favourite system!

This also means I need to amend the Defensive Zombies article here but right now I need to go reassemble my beys and then get some sleep – it’s just gone midnight, and I want to do some more testing tomorrow before I’m 100% sure on everything.

<3 – th!nk


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