So I Bought Minecraft

-a few days ago. So I’m pulling a Kei.

No but seriously, it’s addictive as hell so it may be a bit longer til the next update. Sorry guys, but at least I’m honest about it, right? And at least it’s not as big/important a project as beywiki.

I’ll try and write something in the next few days but yeah.


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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4 Responses to So I Bought Minecraft

  1. mayaman2 says:

    TH!NK. DUDE. Guess what. MY DAD BANNED MINECRAFT FROM MY HOUSE!!!! WHEN YOU GOT IT!!!! I don’t like this situation. Ha, I know a couple awesome servers. If you want the IP just PM me on WBO, buddeh. I’ll find a way to get on…. eventually.

    • mayaman2 says:

      I see you have yet to respond. Oh well. Anyways, just PM me if you feel like getting on a server that my friend runs. It’s really small, friends and family type, but your allowed to get on.

      • mayaman2 says:

        Oh yea: P.S. My dad unbanned Minecraft. :D

        • th!nk says:

          Oh man, totally forgot to get back to you, I’ve been a bit stressed lately, so some things have slipped my mind!
          I’ll let you know if I feel like it, but I’m more of a single-player type, haha. I generally play to distract myself from other things, so yeah. I appreciate the offer though :)


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