HAI 2 U :3

This isn’t really a formal post, it’s quite the opposite, I just felt like writing something to say Hi and also thanks as well as just some spare thoughts – some bey-related, some blog related.

On the 20th of April, we got 60 views. That is more than double the next highest day. I appreciated everyone’s concern, the matter that probably bought any of you here who first visited on that day has been resolved amicably – it was a misunderstanding on both ends.

Next: my blog is now big enough to get Spam messages! I think that’s a sign this is going well. That said, they’re all ads for search engine optimisation. Perhaps it’s a valid point, I’ve only had 3 visits by people coming here from google – one less view than I have received from Montenegro (and to whoever that was: Hi! I didn’t actually realise Montenegro was a country (I suck pretty bad at geography), so you taught me something!), and two less than the number of spam comments I’ve received so far (Montenegro, lift your game, being beaten by automated programs is beneath you). But, I’m the top result for thinkblargh so whatever.
Oh yeah, I enjoy reading the site stats. Doesn’t give me anything useful to identify people with, but it’s cool to see.

Also quite interestingly, every spam message I’ve received so far has been on the defensive zombies article. I guess it really reached out to the prized “program running on a chinese/russian/infected computer” demographic? I’d make a Zombie computer joke but I’m above that.

Made a couple of corrections: I don’t know what was up when I was writing about Ariel/Wolborg 03’s tip for the Speed Kings Pt 1 Article, but I severely under-valued it there. I guess mine is quite worn, but I’ve seen it do great things anyway, so I’ve updated it to reflect that.
I also categorised yesterdays wolborg 4 article because I forgot to do that (I was pretty tired when I was done writing).

Oh, and I also received this yesterday, my share of the ebay lot I split with Zain!
Look at dem pretties

It’s not every day you get the two fastest tips from Plastics and HMS in one package!
Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode) is amazing, it’s not quite as fast as Ariel 2’s tip. but it is really easy to use, for me anyway.
It’s like
Me: “Oh damn that was a terrible launch”
GFC (UM): Don’t Worry, I Got This. *flower pattern*

Still gotta get a normal Grip Flat Core before I do the other speed kings article but yeah.

Lastly, I want to apologise for the delay on the last post, that was bad, and I don’t have much of an excuse. PLZDUNHATEME, basically. Will try to get the next one (and the pictures for previous ones), up quicker, haha.

I think that’s about it, other than that I’m still fiddling with settings trying to get stuff right and so on, and as always, I want your feedback! :)

<3 – th!nk


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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2 Responses to HAI 2 U :3

  1. mayaman2 says:

    What MFB beys are those? I can’t make out what Unicorno’s wheel is.

    • th!nk says:

      Burn Unicorno SW145JB, clear light purple sw145 and clear JB, it’s a really pretty RB bey, as well as Galaxy Sagittario 145CS, Rock Escolpio T125JB and Thermal Lacerta WA130HF


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