Wolborg 4: The Engine Gear That Could

Sorry for the huge delay guys, I’ve been pretty run down lately, as well as being quite busy. No excuse, but yeah. Anyway:

People keep asking questions about this over on the WBO, so unlike my last article, people might actually be interested in this!

Generally, the G and GT series beyblades bases and Engine Gears are derided for their poor performance, awkward height and excessive bulk, as well as the engine gear gimmick itself being largely flawed (if you want more power, put it in the launcher, not the beyblade). However, there was one engine gear that rose above that, the one that proves no matter how hard you try to ruin a series with a stupid gimmick, you can still come out with something good. And it is not just good, it’s one of the best bases in beyblade. Oh yes, Wolborg 4, that mysterious 4th Wolborg that made many of us wonder “what happened to wolborg 3?”, is not only a worthy member of the esteemed wolfpack, it’s also one of the best, and it’ll run the legs of any of its predecessors (as long as they’re going the other way).

Away from that overextended metaphor, what does the base actually do?

Well, simply, you have a small, compact base, and then a large plastic shell that attaches to the engine gear. This “shell” part is large, round, and can either spin freely charge the engine gear (which still provides some amount of free spin) depending on which way it is hit, opposite spin for the former and same spin for the latter. It *IS* spin limited, however, and the more effective of the two matchups, which is perhaps surprisingly the one which does not charge the engine gear, occurs against less common left-spin opponents. On the upside, the opponents it can outspin from this spin direction include all but the absolute best Zombies in plastics (it is, in fact, an excellent opponent for testing zombies against). Against right spin opponents it struggles more, being outspun by most things with decent stamina (basically, ranging from the “higher stamina” end of compacts and up).

Of course, this assumes a good Attack Ring and Weight Disk, Tiger Defenser and Wide Defense being the optimal choice EDIT: Wing Cross works slightly better, and War Lion roughly the same (perhaps better on 10Balance) though 10 Balance works almost as well, and most AR’s with good survival ability will also do well here. SonoKong Tiger Defenser’s will usually fit on the EG (just don’t blame me if it doesn’t). This article is written with Tiger Defenser and Wide Defense in mind, but 10 Balance performs quite comparably.

One might think this would perhaps make it a rather limited part, but amongst those combinations it can easily outspin sits basically every attack type. While this may not seem like much, given attack types don’t expect to outspin much, the round, free spinning nature of the CEW Part provides the beyblade with incredible defensive ability. It’s basically a tank. Low-height attackers may as well mislaunch every round and save everyone the time spent watching their best hits only budge the Wolborg 4 custom an inch or two.

The relatively free-spinning underside is impervious to all forms of upper attack at any reasonable height. Of course, it’s still not a rubber tip, nor is it extremely heavy, so smash attackers that can make strong contact at a decent height can throw it around fairly easily, however, outside of the more expensive smash attackers, few can do it with any semblance of reliability.

So, considering Attack Types and Zombies are generally the two most feared types in plastics, one would think a combination which beats most beyblades of both types (as well as a significant number of other things) reliably would be pretty darned popular. But it isn’t. When LeeDraciel revived it at a recent plastics tournament in London, the rest of us were like “woah what that thing really?” I ended up trawling through some older threads and forums, and it turns out it has been recommended a number of times (even by BeyBrad himself), though it never really gained the level of limelight awarded to many combinations.

To be honest, I’m still pretty puzzled by it. Perhaps the total lack of mentions/an article on BeyWiki could have caused its disappearance from the general “body of knowledge”.
Perhaps the general apathy towards engine gears, while certainly not undeserved, given this is basically the only competitive one, meant it was lumped in with the rest of them and ignored.
Perhaps the lack of bearings that are a tradition of the wolborg line (not counting wolborg 03 but who counts wolborg 03 anyway?) meant it was left in the shadow of its brothers, in spite of the fact that, given standard optimal setups on both beys, Wolborg 4 will reliably outspin any of its older siblings).
I can’t really say, but it’s certainly undeserved: even with access to pretty much every competitive part in plastics, my favourite Wolborg 4-based combination regularly graces my launcher.

Honestly, I should just buy them all now, and resell them at a ludicrous price once everyone realises just how amazing a beyblade it is.

<3 – th!nk


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I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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19 Responses to Wolborg 4: The Engine Gear That Could

  1. th!nk says:

    Oh, I guess I should mention the rest of the parts: the AR is terrible and the weight disk (10 Wide) is passable. There ya go.
    And Pictures will be added as soon as I take them. I really needed to get this thing up, and couldn’t get good light today. Sorrrryyyy!

  2. K-LESH says:

    How bought i buy one for $1,000,000? ;) JK lol that was great! :D I am tempted to use that now, but whenever i do a plastics unboxing i always test it against wolborg 4! wolborg 3 is even more mysterious………

    • th!nk says:

      Well, there technically wasn’t a wolborg 3, but a “Wolborg 03”, which was a black coloured, blue tipped ariel. I wouldn’t mind one, I have ariel but can’t do much testing because it’s gold plastic, and the AR looks like it would be decent for zombies.

      Ariel/Wolborg 03’s tip is pretty damned fast, too, similar to Customize Grip Base, but I only have a fairly worn one so I can’t say for sure. I just realise what I wrote about it in the speed kings article wasn’t actually completely correct, haha, so that’s been improved.

      CORRECTION: Wolborg 03 has a white tip. Sorry, my bad! Thanks for setting me straight, Balance Blader! :D

  3. K-LESH says:

    I test everything, even Posiedon!

    I thought it was white-tipped?

    Cool, But itsnt CGB only semi-flat?

    • th!nk says:

      Gold plastic falls apart. As much as I’m dedicated to testing, I’m not dedicated to wanton destruction of beys that I’m quite fond of :P

      Nah, it’s blue.

      Nope,not at all, it’s one of the wider rubber tips out there.

  4. K-LESH says:

    :O Fair enough.

    I think I saw a picture of it when its white?

    Cool! CGB looks batter in black! (Gunmetal)

    • th!nk says:

      Shouldn’t be, pretty sure nothing like that exists. If you find the picture again, let me know.

      Yeah, but white matches a few parts better.

  5. Sparta says:

    So essentially, Wolborg IV’s base is free-spinning?…
    I have a WB IV, but the base doesn’t seem to move much except for spinning with the inside of the base. This might be because it’s Hasbro or something, but I haven’t considered using it for Zombie/survival customs until now…very cool though.

    • th!nk says:

      Yeah, basically.
      All engine gears are relatively free spinning in their release direction (the opposite direction to the way you wind it up), so it shouldn’t be a hasbro issue. One of my Engine Gears is a Hasbro one (one of the last plastics I bought from a real toy store), and other than being a bit wonky from age/use/a helluvalot of testing vs attack, it still works fine.

  6. K-LESH says:

    here: http://3bspirit.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=58153826


    come back to the WBO, where have you gone?!?

  7. Balance Blader (Formerly K-LESH) says:

    I think its the hasbro version

    • th!nk says:

      Hasbro version definitely had a blue tip. Seen a fair few of them :c

      EDIT: Apparently I’d only seen a fair few of them IN MY HEAD. It’s white (and would look better blue).

  8. Balance Blader (Formerly K-LESH) says:

    I have seen quite a few with a white tip though? this is from snowball21s auction: http://i661.photobucket.com/albums/uu339/Snowball21ICQ/KGrHqZHJBYE8e2Kc3IvBPP-ZyOCw60_12.jpg

    • th!nk says:

      Hm, yeah, maybe you’re right. I’ve never seen one with an actual white tip, but yeah, that’s pretty substantial evidence there, haha.

  9. Balance Blader (Formerly K-LESH) says:

    Cool, would you be able to show me what a blue tipped one looks like please?

    • th!nk says:

      Apparently not, looks like I’m mistaken! Surely I must have got the idea from somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find one with a blue tip (though finding any is a huge hassle).
      I’mma go correct that now :3

  10. Balance Blader (Formerly K-LESH) says:

    I’m glad this has been cleared up, if you do find one, that would be great!


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