Quick Update!

Yeah, I want to try to update this more regularly, and should hopefully have something nice for you tomorrow. In the meantime, a faux-update! (sorry i am terrible)

Anyway, here’s what I’m currently working on. If there’s something you want me to discuss that isn’t in this list, leave a comment! I honestly don’t bite – I can be nice here, after all, I’m just glad people are reading :3
(except Dan. Screw that guy.)


Upcoming Updates:
Wolborg 4’s base and why it rocks (not a full article) – should be a good read, given people keep asking questions about it.

Burning Kerberous Article: Should have this done soonish. Gotta fiddle with a few things and format it and stuff.
Speed Kings Part 2 – HMS and MFB tips + Speed Kings 1 Picture Update (sorry that one sucked so hard btw) – Waiting on HMS.

Support Parts/Someone Give Me Twin Guard Plz: Just a little guide to support parts with some thoughts about them. I don’t have twin guard though, so it’ll be missing. Sorry, one man isn’t enough to do everything.

Illegal Customisation of the Arbitrary Time Period – really looking forward to this, illegal setups are probably the least-explored frontier of plastics (so underground yeaaahhh), going beyond normal customization into the realms of tip swaps and magnets and maybe some other stuff (and maybe a little blu-tac if Takara said okay). Admittedly, most of these will be tip swaps, as they do make up most of the “illegal things that fit and don’t require you to permanently alter your beyblade” area, but there’s still a fair bit to cover, and I will do my best to prevent it coming “tip swap of the however long it was since i last did this ugh th!nk get some new ideas already jeez”

Delicious Fakes – Considering writing a small piece about the fake beyblades around my area as a kid. Might be boring though, will see.  Thoughts?

Oh yeah and I’m still working on that Zombie guide, however it’s going to be very long, so I’m figuring out how to break it all up and so on.

Lastly, some of you may have heard of my “reinforced tornado attack” project – I’ve got the materials, just haven’t started. When I do, I’ll try to take pictures of every step and upload it all here. Obviously, I will post about it on the WBO, but I will probably do more in-depth stuff here, seeing as I don’t have limitations and so on (and no one to yell at me if I forget a rule or whatever).

Obviously, this won’t be everything, this is only the preview for a short period, but I do have new stuff arriving soon so yeah, and plenty of things to write about :3

There should now be an email contact link on my profile thingy, I hope you can access it, but if not, just use the comments section or PM me on the WBO or whatever really, aint much more I can do to make it work if it doesn’t :c

Lastly, thank you all for reading – Seriously let me know if there’s things you want to see, any criticism, or anything, I really want to hear it! :D

<3 – th!nk 


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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5 Responses to Quick Update!

  1. Kailesh (K-LESH) says:

    Nice, wanna know about gimmicks and stuff (mainly HMS, and maybe Torch pegasus gimmick) also, maybe stadiums (also those tornadoes!) and maybe rare/special/plated Weight disks? Great so far! :) also This bit is for speed kings, but couldn’t you wear down seaborg 1s tip or (you can do this with dragoon S also, turn the tip around and push it in on the other side so it completely flat? I dunno :S Is it even legal. That cat is awesome.

    • th!nk says:

      Oh, if you want something on Torch Pegasus I can do something up for sure, I have a half-finished draft lying around so I can probably throw something together relatively soon! Stadiums aren’t too hard but I don’t have that many, darned things are expensive, but I can probably do something about the more common stadiums. For HMS, that’s a neat idea, the gimmicks they had were really fun, it just depends on what I end up buying :D Expect more on them as my collection grows!

      It’s not legal, but you can do it, though with seaborg I’m yet to find one where the other side of the tip is totally round, so it gets a bit like “Q” as well. Fast as heck though. As for Dragoon S’s, that’s probably going to be the very first “illegal customisation of the week”. It was shown in takara’s spin up guide book so I would absolutely love to see it legalised – it would make great attack combinations affordable, especially as sonokong gold series tips are round on the other side. You also have to fix Dragoon S’s in place usually, though again, it was in the book :P

      Yeah I get bored and draw stuff in mspaint. That was going to be a driger but then I couldn’t be bothered with the armour. Glad you like it :D

  2. K-LESH says:

    cool, i am trying to make them do cool tricks like in the anime (and better!)

    Hmm, what are the differences? rarity, colours, cost etc.?

    Yeah, there were sooooooo many!

    Same my is like that too, my seaborg 1 (aggro mode) does better than my DGS (aggro mode)?

    Cool, Your voltaic ape one is cool too! I want one! =D

    Sorry for the delay…….

  3. Janstarblast says:

    Illegal customs? We’d be talking about the Driger V base thing, no? Just until you get yourself one, so that you can write about it.

    • th!nk says:

      It’s one I want to cover when I can, but there’s another one I find more interesting. Got some other stuff I’m working on for the blog atm, though I’m struggling to write anything at all lately…


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