Speed Kings: Rubber Attack Tips (Part 1)

Rubber Attack Tips are a pretty common occurrence in Beyblade, heck, both Anime series’ protagonists have used beyblades with flat rubber tips almost exclusively.
Of course, the new anime, Beyblade Zero-G, breaks this trend. Hopefully, we won’t see the death of Rubber Attack like we did Metal Change in MFB (before anyone says it, CS isn’t metal).
Anyway, to commemorate my recent acquisition of Dragoon MSUV, I’m assembling a profile of all of the rubber attack tips in beyblade. This is Part One: Plastics!

Grip Base (Dragoon Grip Attacker): The one that started it all and still one of the fastest tips in the plastic generation, Grip Base is a classic. Large surface area, a lightweight base (and being light in plastics wasn’t a bad thing), and short height, it was always going to be great (though, I imagine before the release of stadia with Tornado Ridges, it would’ve been a very risky part). The only flaw, then, is the one inherent to all 4-layer bases: it can only be used in Right Spin. Yeah, the only main-line dragoon that wasn’t left spin happened to be the one with the fastest base. The implications for this on left spin attack are quite serious, but in terms of the base itself it is not a serious issue, given the vast number of right-spin Smash Attack AR’s available. Definitely one of the best.

Storm Grip Base (Dragoon S): Much praised, though perhaps equally maligned, Storm Grip is a rather hit-and-miss base. The tip area is much smaller than that of Grip Base, and while the softer rubber compensates a small amount for the resulting drop in speed, it only worsens the issue of wear (though replacements are easily available in SonoKong Gold Series Dragoon S’s). This said, it IS one of the lowest bases available, and is still quite fast given a strong launch, making it an excellent choice for conventional upper attack.
On the downside, its usefulness in Smash Attack is severely overhyped, it’s simply not aggressive enough to be more than a mediocre for a type of combination that focuses so heavily on speed.
Storm Grip isn’t a bad base, especially for Upper Attack, but it’s not what the hype would have you believe.

Fantom Grip (Dragoon F): Much maligned, Fantom Grip is taller than Storm Grip, and manages to be at best only equal to its speed. It is by no means a bad base, and is quite easy to find and afford, but its inconsistent performance and taller stature mean it is easily overshadowed by a number of other bases, even its predecessor. The tip diameter is about the same as Storm Grip, though the rubber is slightly harder.

SG Bearing Version 2 (Wolborg 2): Oh yes, it’s actually one of the fastest attack tips out, if you fix it in place (best done with Dranzer S’s casings and Burning Kerberous’s base). Of course, not having a flat tip means it doesn’t stay on the attack as long as other tips, even when quite worn, but it is nonetheless a very viable setup. The rubber is relatively soft, and the effective diameter relatively wide. Overall, I’d say it is on-par with Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2), being a bit faster, but also less consistent.

SG Grip Base (Ariel/Wolborg 03): The actual rubber tip of the V-series. It is very similar performance-wise to Customize Grip Base (below), however, it spins somewhat freely in the bases it fits, though a tighter than usual SG core can be used to prevent this. I’ve only used a worn one, but it is quite a good part.

Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2): Long overlooked, probably thanks to an objectively terrible BeyWiki article, Customize Grip Base is actually the third or fourth fastest rubber tip in plastics, and is the best value-for-money of the lot.
The actual contact area of the tip is extremely similar to Grip Base in both size and texture, though the additional weight of the magnet in the tip and bulkier base do slow it down, the speed is still quite comparable.
It is an excellent tip, but it is not without its faults: It is a tall base, meaning aggressive Support Parts are usually needed at the expense of life-after-death (though, Three-Sided Right Spin AR’s can use Survivor Ring to effectively manage both), and it has rather poor recoil control, though this can be managed quite easily by Wide Defense and/or heaver Neo SG Cores.
That said, it is still one of the best choices, and almost certainly the best choice where value for money is concerned.

SG Grip Change Base (Ariel 2): The fastest tip in plastics, and also by far the most expensive one on this list, even without accounting for Ariel 2’s tendency to explode violently into shards of gold plastic. The surface area is similar to that of Grip Base and Customize Grip Base, but of a softer rubber, resulting in faster movement.
I’m sure all of you are familiar with my history with this tip, finding a way to use it in another base, and that is perhaps one of the things I am proudest of in my time in the beyblade community.
The softer rubber does wear somewhat quickly, though this perception may just be due to my rather excessive use of it, and there is a lot of rubber before it becomes an issue.
When worn, one must launch much harder to get a “great” performance out of it, but it is still better than most other tips are mint. Furthermore, the softer rubber provides excellent recoil control: it can handle all but the most recoil-prone AR’s (and even a number of them), even without the ability to use Neo SG’s in the only practical setup. It’s definitely not cheap, but there’s nothing better.

CEW Metal Grip (Dragoon GT): Takara apparently gave up making useful bases/tips in the G/GT series, aside from what I assume was an accident in producing Wolborg 4. The tip area isn’t so bad, but the rubber is quite hard, and the weight of the tip means it acts a lot like an anchor. In fact, it is more useful for defense than attack. Eurgh.

The sharper-eyed amongst you may have noticed the omission of Dragoon V’s Magne Flat Base from the list. I don’t consider it a true rubber tip, while it is technically rubber, it is much closer to plastic, the only sign of it being rubber is the noise it makes when rubbed against the sides of a plastic base. It does not deform in a significant way like other rubber tips upon application of pressure on a small area, e.g. a toothpick or pin being pushed against it (in fact, I bent a pin on mine), and behaves exactly like plastic in battle. It looks cool, but it’s pretty terrible.

Once my new HMS arrive, I’ll be writing the second and final part of this “series”, which will cover both HMS and MFB. I’ll also take some pictures to accompany this article when I get those, if I don’t do so sooner.


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8 Responses to Speed Kings: Rubber Attack Tips (Part 1)

  1. th!nk says:

    I’m hoping this one will be marginally less dull once I add pictures, but I wanted to get something up already, and it was the only thing I was happy enough with to post. So uh yeah sorry :3

  2. mayaman2 says:

    Oh, I really wish I could edit. I meant ‘Blaaaaaaargh?’, not ‘Quick Update!’!

    • th!nk says:

      Wow, you can’t edit? Weird, I’ll see if I can fix that.

      EDIT: Odd, there doesn’t seem to be a setting to enable/disable users to edit their comments. I’ll look deeper when I have a little time, it’s odd that I’m able to, but there’s no way to let others do the same…

  3. Janstarblast says:

    Wow, this is amazing! Well, I could never imagine Woborg 2’s tip to be fast, probably because I like to keep things uncustomized when I have them. :P
    As for Ariel 2’s tip, everyone on WBO knows about that awesome discovery! As people told you, adding pictures would be nice, but before that, just insert a link of your video in the Ariel 2 tip part, if you wish to. :)

    • th!nk says:

      Well, there are plenty of complaints about it being over-aggressive if you look around, and some people figured “hey, if it’s so aggro, why not make it into an attack tip”.

      I still want to do those pictures, but I still don’t have Grip Flat Core (and I don’t know if I’ll ever get Grip Weight Flat Core), so I’m holding off for now. Plus, the lighting is really bad here right now.

      Should be a new article up later today, I hit inspiration last night and wrote the better part of three posts, so hopefully I should be able to finish at least one today, and then we should be set for updates for the next week or so! I’m a bit concerned about the length of the one I’m going to post today, though.


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