What This Is For

Okay, so I’ve had some to think about what I want to do with this thing. Sorry for the length, there’s a fair bit to say.

I’m pretty much going to do most of my beyblade-related writing here. Guides, reviews, ramblings, thoughts on stuff I’ve bought, you know the drill. Hopefully I’ll include pictures or whatever, will see how things pan out.
Expect it to be mostly Plastics and HMS, as I’m most interested in those systems. There are plenty of people who can talk about MFB better than me, and I’m not hugely interested in it. Basically, I’m going to stick to stuff I enjoy writing about.

The main advantage this offers is that I have much more freedom in how I write, and what I say, as well as allowing me to share it “directly”, for better (the only source of delays is myself), or worse (little or no collaboration/opinion-sharing/proofreading). That said, this was the best option that I could come up with.

I’ll get a links thing together sometime soon, though. I’ll also put together some kind of article index once I get the ball rolling here, as well as connecting articles where necessary, though without the luxury of wikia software, it will probably take some time to do so. That’s looking a fair way ahead though, anyway.

I’ll try to keep things as interesting as I can, but do let me know how things go, I appreciate all feedback, and if longwindedness becomes an issue, I’ll work on a solution.

No regular schedule yet, I want to see how I go, and this whole thing goes first. It’s something I would like to do though. I will try to post regularly, though.

I’ve tried to make the comments section as accessible as I can, within reason. If spam becomes an issue I might have to fiddle with things, but the comments section is pretty much the only way I can get your thoughts and answer any questions, so do post them, I appreciate feedback, and will try to reply to everything that needs a reply. Don’t be afraid to comment, basically :)
Comments with links will need approval before posting, though. I’ll try and approve/check any comments that do need approval as quickly as possible.

I’m still setting everything up, but if you have suggestions or feedback, let me know. I’m new to blogging so I still have to figure everything out.

If you have any questions relating to the blog (or myself, though no personal questions, please), don’t be afraid to leave a comment or get in touch somehow – it’s very difficult to resolve issues without communication, after all.

Anyway, to the future!
<3 – th!nk


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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