Okay so I made a blog thing. Probably going to talk about spinning tops. Particularly, older beyblades, plastics and HMS stuff. I don’t really know how I expect to get any views, or any interest, but I’m used to talking to myself anyway.

I’m pretty well known on the World Beyblade Organization, under the name th!nk. Anyone who knows me from there should know what to expect. On the off chance people read this and have questions, I’ll try and answer stuff in the comments section and so forth. I’m actually somewhat nicer than I come across as on  that particular site for whatever reason, so don’t be scared, though I don’t really enjoy giving advice on MFB, there are plenty of better people to ask about that.

Perhaps I’ll start writing about individual beyblades here like some kind of encyclopedia thing. I don’t know just yet. We shall see.

<3 – th!nk


About th!nk

I like spinning tops more than I probably should.
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14 Responses to Blaaaaaaaaaaaaargh?

  1. AJ Mentel says:

    Nice to see you’ve got a blog, always thought you should of since I joined the WBO. I think as long as people like me read sigs, this blog will live more or less like Notch’s blog.(Notch is the devolper/creator of Minecraft, arguably the best game ever created.) You know me as mayaman2 on the WBO, BTW.

    • th!nk says:

      Yeah, a few people suggested it to me – I really should have done so sooner. The comparison to Notch is quite flattering, but somehow I doubt my little blog will reach the audience he has, haha. Man, I need to get minecraft already, but lazy.

      As for it living, well I’ll try and do my best to keep it alive (and my sig will be changed whenever there’s a new post up). I guess it’ll get easier once I have more of an idea for what people want to see me write, haha :3

      • AJ M. says:

        Really, just post about beys. I’ve been wanting to learn about plastics, but really don’t have any idea where to start. I just don’t get the pieces, and what the crap an ‘Attack Ring’ is. So, just make a database for plastics, and like recommend people to learn about them here. I think I’ll become an active member of the th!nk blargh community. Also, to be more like Notch, don’t just post about beyblades, you can post some stuff about what you’ve done in the past week or so, so we can learn about our fearless leader.

        • th!nk says:

          Well, I’ll certainly throw together a quick primer on plastics! No point talking about them if people don’t know what I’m talking about! I can certainly do more intro articles and so on, thanks for the tip!
          As for a database, yeah, that’s the eventual plan, though it still depends: BeyWiki has really solid foundations for doing that, and if things improve drastically there (yeah, I still hold out hope), I’ll probably do the formal beyblade article stuff there. Don’t think it’ll remove this place though, as you can see, a lot of stuff I do here isn’t suitable for beywiki’s style, and there is so much I want to cover!

          As for what I do, I actually have an incredibly dull life at the moment. I’m in a phase of finding a direction and sorting myself out, so there’s very little to write about. That said, if something interesting does happen, eg with my band or whatever, I’ll definitely consider writing about it, haha.

          It’s really heart warming to see that you’re so interested, I certainly didn’t expect it! Thanks very much :D

  2. AJ M. says:

    Oh, my last question got cut off. I was wondering if I should go by AJ or maya(man2) on here. I would prefer my name, since this really reminds me of GetSatisfaction!, and I used my Facebook on there, so everyone knew me by ‘AJ M.’. Also, I’m not ‘replying’ to your previous comment, really in my opionion the margin is to far over for me, I like it right down the screen, not down and to the right.

  3. th!nk says:

    Feel free man!
    Yeah, I dunno, the layout’s just one of the standard ones, I’m not talented in web design (though I have a friend or two who are absolutely amazing at it). The marginalising thing, I guess that’s why the default threaded comment number was so low, but I’ll tweak stuff.

    The problem is, if there are too many comments, it isn’t easy to see who people are responding to. Perhaps I’ll lower the number so it should be clearer… I’ll see!

    • mayaman2 says:

      Great man. I think I made an account on the host website, with an avatar and stuff. Just for the avatar, actually. I’ll try to keep this avatar and my WBO one the same. I’m just gonna take your ‘Feel free man!’ as a yes to being AJ M. You guys can call me maya or mayaman or mayaman2 or AJ or A-man or whatever on here, as long as I know your talking to me. As I said before, I think I’ll be a pretty active member, unless I decide I’m not liking this site very much, but I don’t think that’ll happen. Man, I really want to make th!nk puns so bad, but I’m resisting it.

      • mayaman2 says:

        I just realized that my thing won’t say AJ…. whatever, my post still stands on the ‘call me AJ or A-man’.

      • th!nk says:

        Do what you feel is best man! I don’t know if we’ll get much of a community but it would be totally sweet if we did!

        Resist the th!nk puns: they’re pretty painful nowadays, I’ve heard them all so many times haha.

        Yeah, well I hope to keep it nice and enjoyable, if I’m not doing well, seriously let me know, I am very open to criticism and your feedback is awesome!

        Oh, you might be able to change the display name in that site thing! I’m pretty sure I changed mine anyway!

        Sad news though, todays post will probably be postponed til tomorrow (aka whatever period of time I next wake from sleep in), there was a lot of drama on the WBO today, and it has me pretty down, though I guess it was a long time coming. Anyway, I don’t want to half ass something, especially as the last one was pretty dull. Currently writing about wolborg 4 and why it totally rocks. Expect some formal articles soon, too.

        • mayaman2 says:

          What happened on the WBO? Really, just tell me the thread…. and what is Wolborg 4? You know what, I’ll read the post when you post it.

        • th!nk says:

          Haha, most of it got deleted. It’s all resolved now anyway. Wolborg 4 later todayyyyy!

          Wolborg 4 is basically the only Engine Gear beyblade that had a good base and SG, and probably the most underrated beyblade ever! So yeah!

          I’ll try and get that plastics primer done real soon though!!

  4. mayaman2 says:

    No, really what happened? Sorry, I’m the nosy type. When I overhear a convo. at school, I’m like, oh, what did you say? That’s why I sit alone on the bus. Or did, at least. Happy times. I also just realized that we are the only ‘members’ on here. I read the Speed Kings Part 1, and that has made me MUCH more curious. I might start buying plastics after I get my UDXS and some Zero-G beys.

  5. th!nk says:

    Oh, K-Lesh and Janstarblast are around. Also I got a huge spike in views somehow yesterday, more than double my previous largest day, which was really weird.

    Nothing major happened, there was a misunderstanding and overreaction, but it is nothing to be concerned about and I really can’t explain it. There are some ongoing issues between a few members and one or two issues with the WBO, but nothing you should be concerned with, it doesn’t involve or affect you and you’re much better off not knowing. Plus, it’s not something I want to discuss publicly.

  6. mayaman2 says:

    Alrighty then. I understand. I just noticed that they are members too, after I posted that. I really wish I could edit these comments!


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